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Risk level 6 of 7

Clean Energy

27.51% avg. annual returns

Risk level 5 of 7

Adventurous X

14.08% avg. annual returns

Risk level 5 of 7

Ethical X

New fund to market!

Risk level 6 of 7

Emerging Markets

20.87% avg. annual returns

Cash savings are dead.

Stop your money rotting in your bank.

We don't need to tell you savings interest rates are low. Most are lower than the inflation rate, so you could even be losing money in real terms.

We've already brought you our market-beating Chip+1 savings account, but it's time to take your savings up a gear by considering investing.

Which is why we've built ChipX.

Take your savings to the next level.

Put your money to work with BlackRock.

ChipX has a range of investment funds with something for all risk appetites on the menu; generally the higher the returns, the greater the risk.

The funds available with ChipX are brought to you by BlackRock, who look after $9 trillion of the world’s investments and have over 50 years’ experience in the UK.

We’ll share more information about the funds soon.

It's simple.

An entire portfolio in a few taps.

BlackRock’s investment funds typically spread your money across a wide range of assets (for example, the “Expert Managed Adventurous Fund” invests in more than 1,000 assets), which means you're not buying one stock in one company.

Basically instead of building a portfolio by picking your own stocks, an expert has done it for you.

Terms & Conditions

For a limited time, sign up to Chip with your exclusive VIP code, and open at least one Investment Fund and you could be eligible for a £30 bonus. This offer will be valid from 21st July 2021 until midnight 21th October 2021 . None of the investments are guaranteed and their value may fall as well as rise, so you may get back less than you originally invested.

  • You must be a new customer to Chip and enter your VIP code in the profile tab of the app.
  • You will need to keep your £30 invested in your chosen Investment Fund(s) until at least the bonus date which is approximately after 90 days from the day you invest, which will be 17th November 2021.
  • You must have an active Chip account. (i.e. If you delete your Chip account before the bonus date you will not be eligible for the bonus)
  • You will need to be on the ChipX plan. This costs £3 every 28 days. For more information about Chip’s price plans see more here.

  • Unlimited use of our automatic savings AI.
  • Earn 1.25% (variable) bonus in the Chip+1 account, a separate savings product, on deposit balances up to £10,000 (eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply).
  • Set up smart saving rules, like Payday Put Away, that allows you to automatically save more the day you’re paid
  • Access to the core Chip Investment Platform funds; the Cautious / Balanced / Adventurous BlackRock investment funds
  • Choice of either Stocks and Shares ISA (Individual Savings Account) or GIA (General Investment Account).
  • Additional ChipX investment funds such as themed funds (e.g. emerging markets/healthcare innovation), ethical (ESG) funds.
  • 0.25% annual investment platform fee collected monthly (no minimum fee).
  • Exclusive investment content from industry experts (coming soon).
  • Priority access to new features.
  • See full breakdown here

When will the £30 bonus be paid?

The £30 cash bonus will be paid into your Chip +1 Savings Account i.e. not into your investment account on the bonus date which is approximately 90 days from the date you invest. You will only be able to access the bonus by withdrawing the full balance from your Chip + 1 Savings Account.

How to redeem offer:

Sign up to Chip and enter VIP code in the profile tab Open an Investment Fund and invest £30. Keep the £30 deposited in the investment fund and be eligible for a £30 bonus.

Investments are not guaranteed and may fall as well as rise, so you may get back less than you originally invested.

A note about investing

Investing is a long term commitment and you will see years where growth is low, stagnant, or negative. Just make sure you’re keeping a 5+ year view on things and even consider spreading your money across multiple funds (for more on this see ‘can the value of my investment go down as well as up?’).

Who are Chip?

Chip Financial Ltd is an Appointed Representative of P1 Investment Management Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, under Firm Reference Number 752005.

BlackRock® is a registered trademark of BlackRock, Inc. and its affiliates ("BlackRock") and is used under license. BlackRock makes no representations or warranties regarding the advisability of investing in any product or the use of any service offered by Chip Financial Limited. BlackRock has no obligation or liability in connection with the operation, marketing, trading or sale of any product or service offered by Chip Financial Limited.