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Chip is not a normal savings account, we're always fighting to bring the best rates to you. Just sit back and earn market-leading interest.

Start with this table-topping 0.7% easy-access rate. It's FSCS protected too (of course).

We've partnered with MoneySavingExpert to offer you a £20 welcome bonus which more than covers your first year's membership, when you sign up using the promo code below.


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Open the 0.7% easy access account.

That's the market's best rate. Find it in your 'Accounts' tab.


Deposit and earn interest every day.

It compounds too. Interest on interest. Exponential growth.

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Because being safe is sexy.

Your money is eligible for FSCS

All money you deposit into this account is held in a segregated trust account with the UK authorised bank, Allica Bank, and is eligible for the government backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000.

Read more who can get Chip+1 here.

You're trusting us with your savings. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Look us up

We're authorised by the FCA and you can find us on the ICO register. We encourage everyone to read our terms of use and privacy policy.

Say hello

You can even write to us: Chip Financial Ltd., 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR

Highest grade security

Your data is protected by 256+ bit encryption, 3D-Secure and the latest Open Banking technology.

Talk to real people

Reach our friendly support team through Chip's in-app live chat seven days week, or email:

Promotion terms and conditions

For a limited time, sign up to Chip with your exclusive promo code, and save at least £1 with Chip and you could be eligible for a £20 bonus which covers your membership to Chip for a whole year. Chip memberships offer access to all app features and a variety of savings and investing accounts.

This offer will be valid from 13/09/21 until 13/10/21.

How to redeem offer:

  1. Download Chip and set up your new account
  2. Enter your promo code
  3. Save at least £1 into your Allica 0.7% Easy Access account, or Chip Savings Account.

To be eligible for the £20 bonus:

  • You must be a new customer to Chip and enter your promo code in the profile tab of the app and save at least £1 before 23:59pm on 12/10/21. A new customer is defined as someone who has never previously held a Chip account.
  • You must keep your money saved in your Chip Savings Account, or Allica 0.7% Easy-Access account, and remain as an active Chip customer until at least the bonus date. The bonus date is 13/11/21. An active Chip customer is defined as someone who has an account balance greater than £1 and has not deleted the app.
  • You will need to be on our ChipAI or ChipX plan. For more information about Chip’s price plans, please see here.

When will the £20 bonus be paid?

  • The £20 cash bonus will be paid into your Chip Savings Account.
  • The bonus will be paid on 13/11/21. 
  • You will be able to access the bonus by withdrawing the full balance from your Chip Savings Account.

Who are Chip?

We're Chip. We're building the best savings account in the world.

We negotiate with banks on our customers' behalf to bring better interest rates to them.

We also offer some useful smart saving tools, like our award-winning autosaving technology.

Any money you deposit into a savings account in Chip is held with a UK authorised bank and covered by the Financial Savings Compensation Scheme (FSCS). For example, the 0.7% easy access account is powered by Allica bank, you can read more about this account here.

Download Chip on iOS or Android.

Download Chip