Meet Interest Accounts.

Chip savers now have access to savings accounts with market-leading interest and FSCS eligibility at the tap of a button. The future of savings is here. 

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Earn market-leading interest every day.

The savings accounts you can access with Chip will pay interest everyday. We’re starting with an easy access rate better than you can get with any of the UK’s leading challenger banks. 

We’ll fight on your behalf to make sure your interest rates remain highly competitive. We use the collective bargaining power of all Chip’s savers money to negotiate better rates from banks.

Easy access in a beautiful app.

Savings just got a lot easier. No more long boring forms, no more shopping around for rates.

Keep on top of your savings at the touch of a button. Check the interest you're earning, and deposit and withdraw with just a couple of taps in your app. Very soon you’ll be able to switch your money into new savings accounts as soon as we make them available.

Safety first with FSCS eligibility.

Your savings should make you feel safe. 
The money you put into these savings accounts is eligible for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), where the government guarantees the return of up to £85,000 of your deposits per bank.

This is just the start.

We’re on a mission to build the best savings app in the world. And to be the best is to never stop improving. 

This means fighting for better rates, more types of savings accounts, and constantly improving the app. Join our community of Chipmunks and have your say.

We’re building this with you, for you.