We’re building the stock market of everything.

Assets like cars, art, whisky and wine have outperformed the markets in recent years. So we're launching a new platform that enables Chip users to invest in luxury items. Curated by experts, stored securely.

Own shares of luxury assets

Instead of owning one £100K Rolex you’ll own 1% of the watch. This is called fractionalising.

Curated by the experts

The assets are chosen by third party experts who know how to pick and store the best products.

See your portfolio in Chip

Start your collection of Alternative Assets and eventually trade them all inside of Chip.

With investing your capital is at risk.

Experts call them Alternative Assets

Invest in real assets.

Own a piece of something amazing. Back your money with real-world assets. Diversify your portfolio and seek returns. Please note that you cannot hold an Alternative Asset investment as part of a GIA or ISA.

Invest in cars.

Own shares in a vintage Jaguar, a classic Ferrari or a rare Lamborghini. Beyond the sex appeal, investing in cars can be a serious diversification strategy with the possibility of remarkable returns.

Invest in wine.

Fine wine traditionally attracts investors looking to insulate their money from stock market shocks. We're working with industry experts to bring you curated portfolios of securely warehoused wine.

Invest in whisky

You can't really sell a decent single malt until it's at least 12 years old. And typically the longer whisky matures, the more valuable it gets. So as it matures, so could your investments.

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Invest in art.

Art is inherently irreplaceable and rare, attracting big name investors who can afford to buy individual artworks. But now, Chip's opening the opportunities of the art market to everyone.

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Sensible returns behind the sex appeal.

Fundamentally we know this looks much cooler than investing in index tracking stock market funds like the FTSE 100. But this isn't a fad, in fact Alternative Assets can be part of a serious investing strategy, as they offer a demonstrable history of consistent returns.

With this in mind, many fund managers add in alternative assets to their portfolios.

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns.

*KFLII is a weighted average of individual asset performance.Source: The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) Q4 2021


Own shares in luxury items.

Assets like cars, art, whisky and wine have outperformed the markets in recent years. So we're launching a new platform that enables Chip users to invest in luxury items.

Invest in classic cars.

The HAGI Top index, which measures the value of classic cars, increased 264.49% between December 2008 and December 2021.

Investing in classic cars enables you to build a truly diverse portfolio, and brings you exciting investment opportunities with the possibility of remarkable returns.

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Invest in wine

In times of market turmoil, investments in fine wine have proven fairly resilient against volatility. In 2021, wine outperformed gold as an investment commodity, with a gain of 19.1%.

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Invest in whisky

A decent single malt isn’t saleable until it’s at least 12 years old. And usually, the longer whiskey matures, the more valuable it gets. As it matures, so could your investment.

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Invest in art

Fine art was once the preserve of high-net-worth individuals. However, the tables have turned. Sales in the art market swelled by 29% between 2020 and 2021, and the UK market alone has grown 14%.

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Alternative Assets industry may reach $17 trillion by 2025.

A combination of high inflation, low cash saving rates and saturated stock market, means Alternative Assets are surging in popularity. Once the playground of the mega-rich, Chip now is using cutting edge tech to open up the opportunities of Alternative Assets to everyone.

Our vision is to create a seamless user experience letting you buy (and sell) shares in these luxury items.

*2020 figure is annualized based on data to October. 2021-2025 are Preqin’s forecasted figures. Source: Preqin

Save like a billionaire.

Over the last few years, Alternative Assets (e.g. wine, whisky, or art) have beaten many financial indices, as well as moving independently from stocks & shares markets. These are commonly used by the wealthy to diversify their portfolios and protect them from stock market shocks.

*Source, Masterworks. Reflects value-weighted price appreciation for all Contemporary Art (works produced after 1945) sold at least twice at public auction. There are significant differences between art investments and stocks. NYU Stern Data Base and Yahoo Finance for S&P 500 data. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns.

How will Alternative Assets work?

We’ll be launching a few versions of our Alternative Assets over the coming months. We plan to have a full suite of Alternative Assets in the app that you can buy and sell in a few taps.

What we do:


We source

Our experts curate the rare, valuable, & exciting assets from around the globe.


We fractionalise

We split the asset into legally backed shares through third party specialists.


You invest

Buy shares in the asset starting from just a few pounds.

What you do:

You hold

Alternative Assets are growing. So you can potentially sit back and watch your new (fraction of a) Rolex grow in value.

You trade

Buy & Sell your shares on our secondary market to other Chip customers (coming soon)

You build a collection

See your portfolio of Alternative Assets in the app and be able to curate the perfect list.

For the first version of Alternative Assets users will be able to invest into the assets. Trading and collections are coming soon.

Alternative Assets FAQs

What Alternative Assets will Chip have available?

We will have a range of different assets available through our new platform. We will announce the first Alternative Asset in due course. 

Are Alternative Assets covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?

Alternative Assets are typically not covered by the FSCS. We will let you know if a specific opportunity includes FSCS cover along with any limitations. 

How can I buy an Alternative Asset?

We are launching a platform that will allow you to buy shares in Alternative Assets. Register above and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on the launch and the first asset available through the platform. 

How safe are Alternative Assets?

Investing in alternative assets involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends and loss of capital, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Historically, assets like watches, art, whisky and wine have beaten the markets over the last 10 years. 

When will you launch Alternative Assets?

We will be unveiling the platform as well as the first Alternative Asset available through it very soon. The best way to stay up to date with the launch is to register your interest and we’ll make sure to keep you updated. 

Are Alternative Assets available to international customers?

No. For the time being, only UK residents can use Chip. That being said, we're developing a lot of really exciting new products that we're hoping to bring to an international audience. If this happens, we’ll announce it through the usual channels.

Who are the partners Chip are working with?

We are working with a variety of experts in the field to be able to offer our users these Alternative Assets. The partners are different for each asset class and we will announce them in due course. 

Join the Alternative Assets revolution today.

Assets like cars, art, whisky and wine have outperformed the markets in recent years. So we're launching a new platform that enables Chip users to invest in luxury items.