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We’ve teamed up with BlackRock to offer an initial three Investment Funds exclusively for savers on the ChipAI plan.

We want to revolutionise investing and make it accessible to everyone. We don’t believe you should be an expert or a millionaire to invest your money and aim to get better returns.

Investment Funds powered by BlackRock

$8.6 trillion worth of experience.*

To start with, we’re introducing three investment funds curated by the biggest investment manager in the world, BlackRock.

We’re calling them:

• BlackRock Cautious
• BlackRock Balanced
• BlackRock Adventurous

These are from the BlackRock Consensus fund range and have been operating for nearly a decade, investing across the world. They’re not new products, but this is the first time they’re being offered in an app like Chip.

Adventurous Fund

Balanced Fund

Cautious Fund

Historical average annual returns of 8%*

Get the most out of your investments.

Of the three funds the BlackRock Adventurous fund has returned up to 8% per year since it was created. The other two funds (BlackRock Cautious and BlackRock Balanced) have returned an average of 6% each year per fund since their creation in 2012.

These returns are generated by investing all over the world in companies, markets and governments.

Spreading the money between a wide range of global investments means these funds don’t rely on returns from just one market, company, or country.

Your capital is at risk

Remember your Capital is at Risk and past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you might get back less than you originally invested.

Three funds, three levels of risk.

Choose the fund that’s right for you.

BlackRock have assigned each fund an industry-standard risk rating, but we’re also naming them quite obviously: Cautious/Balanced/Adventurous.  

We’re basing these names on the maximum percentage of that fund that can be invested in more volatile equities (stocks and shares), versus the percentage invested in lower risk products like cash and bonds.

For example, the BlackRock Cautious fund can have a maximum of 35% of equities, but the BlackRock Adventurous fund can have up to 85% invested in equities.

Remember as a rule, where returns are greater, so is the risk, and vice versa. And as with all investing, your capital is at risk.

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*Details and small print

We're going to share a lot more detail about investments very soon!

Are BlackRock really the biggest fund manager in the world?

Yes! BlackRock were managing more than $8.67 trillion in global assets at the end of 2020, and they're comfortably ahead of their competition by a couple of trillion dollars.

You can read more about BlackRock on their website.

How do we calculate average annual returns?

Average annual returns are calculated using the annual return of the fund over the previous five years, or the lifetime of the fund (if trading for less than five years), and then averaging that number. 

We get this information directly from the fund manager at BlackRock and you can find full past performance details in the fund’s Key Investor Information Document (KIID).

Is the 'average annual return' the return I will get?

The average annual return is a figure that shows the returns you may receive if the fund sees the same growth in the future as it has done in the past. 

But this is not the same as the actual return you will see. Your actual return may be higher or lower than the average annual return advertised. 

Remember, when investing, your capital is at risk and past performance does not indicate future performance. This should not be the only thing you consider when selecting a fund.

You should carefully consider the risk profile before investing in a fund and understand that as a general rule, the higher the returns the greater the risk.

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