Limited time: join in April and earn a £10 bonus.

Sign up to Chip and enter your VIP code in April to unlock your Chip+1 account and get a £10 bonus.


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Enter your details & connect your bank.


Submit your unique promo code:

Who is the offer available for?

Offer is exclusive to new savers who sign up using a VIP code from 7th April 2021 and before 11:59pm 30th April 2021.

How do I qualify for the £10 bonus?

You need to open a Chip+1 account and be on our ChipAI subscription or ChipX plan (£1.50 every 28 days - with a free trial period) until at least 8th July 2021 to qualify for the £10 bonus. Please note our price plans are changing after 26 April 2021, which include pricing for our Investment Platform, see more here. 

How does my bonus get paid?

This bonus is paid in addition to Chip+1’s 1.25% (variable) annual bonus, which is paid on deposits up to £10,000 on our ChipAI subscription plan - this is the UK’s highest return on easy access savings (read more here). 

How does bonus work?

The bonus Chip pays is not interest, it is not FSCS protected, bonus does not accrue on bonus (i.e. it does not compound), any bonus is only paid to you by Chip when you withdraw your full Chip+1 balance. Please see Chip+1 Terms and also section 7 of Chip’s General Terms for more details.

How will my £10 bonus get paid?

The bonus will be paid after 8th of July 2021, and before 22nd July 2021 into your Chip account. If you close your account before the 8th July 2021 you will not receive the £10 bonus, or any 1.25% Chip+1 bonus accrued.

How will my 1.25% bonus get paid?

The 1.25% bonus is calculated on your balance every week, but paid quarterly. The bonus balance in your account is updated weekly. Bonuses accrued in a 12 week period will be available to withdraw at the end of that period only.