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May 22, 2020

10 Things you would only buy in lockdown

A lists of items bought, loved and never to be looked at again

To fill the void of social interaction, gym sessions, or the trip to Spain which lockdown has left us without, it seems our debit (or credit) cards haven’t been isolating from store checkouts and web browsers.  

Many of these abnormal purchases, too, are motivated by the extra savings from cancelled trips, refunded tickets and reduced transportation costs - with more money to spend, comes more spending. Shock.

We’ve been hearing of some pretty amazing ways our Chip users have been using Chip funds to turn around an unfortunate situation into some very exciting future plans - be it an even bigger wedding, a four week holiday, or even just a financial safety net that they were once unable to create. 

All in all, when we emerge from lockdown and return to some essence of normality, we are going to be looking at a hoard of useless junk. 

We reflected on our purchase history to bring you the most popular items we’ve redirected our Chip funds towards.

1. The bike

Matching the line to the grocery store in length, is the socially distanced line to the bike store. In avoiding buses and trains, there has undoubtedly been a spike in cyclists. Too terrified to brave the London roads myself, I’ll stick to relying on my two feet to carry me the distance, though I cannot deny the positive effects it’ll have on the environment.

Lauren from partnerships team says she’ll definitely been commuting via bike upon return to the office. 

2. Home gym equipment 

Resistance bands. Add to cart. Dumbbells. Add to cart. Yoga mat. Add to cart. Using this time we once had a shortage of to move our bodies, or perhaps as a preventative measure to avoid succumbing to an extension of the couch, a lot of us have brought the gym to the living room.

It will be interesting to see how many of us stick to DIY workouts when we are allowed to return to the industrial level gym equipment. 

3. Barista level coffee 

In an effort to emulate your local café brew, we desperately researched and ordered all the tools necessary to pour the perfect latte.

Though I think there is also a bit of truth in that sometimes it just tastes better when someone else makes it for you. We now might migrate towards making our own barista-standard coffees to work via keep-cup, otherwise, our weekend morning cuppas have been remarkably improved. 

4. Tie-dye kits

Chip’s Head of PR, Daria, fell (hard) victim to the tie-dye craze that circulated the iso-trend sphere. Hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, socks...underwear. Her return to the office wardrobe will be a 90s kid’s dream.


5. Niche pantry items

Fueled by the withdrawals from frequenting restaurants, bars and cafes, we’ve taken to recreating our favourite recipes to keep us satiated.

As a result, my food cupboard boasts seven different types of flour, an excess of yeast, an array of specific asian sauces and a lot of stock-piled tinned goods. Sadly, many of these items will only be looked at again when their expiry date has been reached. 

6. 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle

Aside from forced isolation, I am unsure when choosing a ludicrously large puzzle would be a purposeful way to pass the time, but it’s great to have it on standby in case we’re forced into a bunker. 

7. Brewing kit

Ah, how I’m sure the longing for a fresh poured pint is a feeling collectively shared by the masses of regular pub-patrons across the world. Brewing your own beer has grown to be a popular pastime in lockdown, keeping you busy and boozed.

8. Gardening equipment 

I can never imagine a time where our gardens have been so manicured. Our newly converted green-thumbed friends may find it challenging to dedicate the same attention to their inner botanist when we gradually get busier, though it was a good run. 

9. Self improvement apps & subscriptions 

The number of downloads on the like of fitness apps and sign-ups to online courses would have skyrocketed, but are predicted to lay dormant once our time is stolen back.

However, we may have found the value in these compensations, and choose to continue instead of reverting back to our pre-isolation habits. I for one will definitely be renewing my Downdog yoga app subscription.

10. Hair clippers

While very useful as a temporary substitute for our trusted hairdresser or barber, unfortunately these tools are yet another example of a purchase to gather dust in a random bathroom drawer until we find ourselves in another unprecedented situation. There has been a lot of facial hair grown within the Chip team since lockdown. 

We love hearing how you’re using Chip, so joining the conversation and let us know what you’re using us to save for. 

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