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December 21, 2021

Chip Saver Stories | Meet Ashley

Ashley tells us how they use Chip for egg-onomics.

Ashley started her journey with Chip just to save a bit of extra spending money, but quickly joined the thousands of us that purchased something a little out of the norm during the first few months of lockdown. For Ashley that was chicken!

Check out her story below.

What were you expecting when you first downloaded Chop?

Honestly, just lazy saving. 

My partner used Chip to save and was raving about how easy it made saving so I decided to download the app and see for myself. 

I think everyone knows you should have savings but it seemed like such a hassle before Chip. 

Before saving with Chip I would just save sporadically, I wasn’t a huge saver. 

I did try to save and at one point opened a savings account with my bank, but I never bothered too much with it.

So, what’s been your biggest achievement with Chip? 


After moving to Fife we started embracing the “good life”, and then when covid had me locked up at home it seemed like a good time to get chickens to add to our self-sustaining journey! 

We originally got four chickens and have since added a few more. It was a learning experience, they have so much personality and no one tells you they’re experienced escape artists who can jump like 6 feet in the air. 

Tell us about the experience saving for your new feathery friends…  

After a little while owning the chickens, I made a goal of raising £300 to get them a new and improved coop and it only took about 6 weeks. 

With Chip, it was super quick and so easy. 

Saving for something always felt like a lot of maths before; figuring out how much you needed, when you needed it by, how much to put away to reach that etc but with Chip just quietly filtering the money in it took no time at all! 

So, what’s next? 

I have a couple of savings goals now…

I’ve got an ongoing chicken fund for treats and toys and hopefully a couple new feathered friends next Spring! 

I’ve set it for £200 just now and I’m happy to just let it tick over while I also save for a trip to Japan and my next tattoo!

Go on, feed our ego a bit - what is your favourite thing about Chip? 

My favourite thing about Chip is that it’s so flexible to save! 

Fitting saving money into my life is stress free with Chip because not only does the AI technology make the call of how much to save for me based on the analytics, but I can also customise the saving level based on how things are looking with my outgoings, and even quickly and easily withdraw money if and when I need it. 

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