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December 21, 2021

Chip Saver Stories | Meet Lisa

After rediscovering her life-long passion for painting serene landscapes during lockdown, Lisa is using Chip to build her art ‘empire’.

She tells us about her plans to get herself a summer house at the bottom of her garden, so she can move out from her makeshift studio in her attic and pour more into her blossoming career an artist. 

Tell us, how did you hear about Chip? 

A friend had been saving with Chip for about 6 months and kept recommending it, so eventually I had a good look and it seemed like a good choice for me.

What a good friend, hey! How did you save before using Chip?  

I’ve been saving NS&I bonds and a savings account with my bank, but both of these rely on me deciding how much to put into them. 

I admit, I found it quite scary at first when Chip was calculating how much I could save and automatically taking it from my account (I would never put that money away so regularly), but I trusted it and it’s right, I haven’t missed that money in my current account.

I’m pretty amazed by it, really.

Tell us about your most exciting savings goal?

A summer house in the garden which I will use for my art studio! 

I just can’t imagine how amazing it would be to be doing something I love so much every single day! 

I will have real light to paint by again, and I can also get back to oil painting, which really can’t be done in the attic or I’d choke on the fumes

Go on, feed our ego, what is your favourite thing about Chip?

It’s making me realise how much of my monthly money I can actually afford to put aside, and I love how easy it is to use. I also love that you guys want to hear about your customers, you don’t feel like a big corporate entity. 

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