VP of Design
July 6, 2020

Chip's new homefeed: everything at your fingertips 

We’ve made it easier to keep on top of your money and check up on Chip at a glance. 

We’re always trying to find new ways to make Chip smarter and easier to use. Our latest update is a big one and changes the screen you’ll first see when you open Chip.

Check out what you’ll find on your new and improved homefeed, launching later this week!

1. Monthly breakdown

See how much you’ve put aside, deposits into your Interest Accounts, the returns you’ve earned and how much you’ve withdrawn.

2. Latest features

You can check out your Save Streak record, open an Interest Account (if you’re eligible - access is still limited! But everyone will be able to open one from here very soon) and check out all our clever new features.

3. Your goals

Check up on your progress on the big things you're saving up for, right there when you open Chip.

4. Refer a friend

We've made referring a friend with kickstart ticket unmissable, so you can kickstart your mate’s stash with a cheeky £5. Also watch this space, something very exciting will be here before the year is out!

5. Save settings

It’s now quicker and easier than ever before to manage Chip; tweak your auto-save level, set a minimum bank balance and more, without leaving the home screen..

Why the change?

Here's the bit for the app-development geeks...

Chip began life in 2017 as a chatbot.

You would talk to Chip to navigate the app, using what’s known in the industry as a ‘Conversational User Interface’. Say you wanted to check your balance, you could type “What’s my balance?” into Chip and Chip would answer you.

This was much loved and was a great place to start, but it made it very difficult to scale up and maintain Chip. So if we wanted to help more savers and offer more services and features, we needed to look at a new design for the app.

Chip 2.0 - the transition

We launched “Chip 2.0” in early 2019, which moved away from the chatbot design. We introduced a modular “tab” system which made it easier to get around different features in a couple of taps.

However, we kept the home screen as a chat feed, to try and keep some of the classic Chip character there.

Everything at a glance

After launching a few new features;

It became apparent that we’d need to give our savers an easier way to get around Chip.

So we got to work, and with a bit of user testing, support from our community and good old-fashioned elbow grease we created the new homefeed. It’s the same Chip you know and love, but… better.

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