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#ChipSaverStories | Meet Jess

There’s now thousands of you putting aside millions, but what for exactly? Let’s find out…

There are two prominent times of the year that holiday FOMO is at its ripest: the entirety of Summer and Christmas time. However, Jess from Reading, has created an entirely new league. 

While you sit at your desk counting down the days until your next break, Jess had booked six holidays in 12 months. Yep, six.

Almost at her one year Chip-aversary, we asked her how she got there and what’s her next goal (hint: we have never heard of anyone else with this goal before..).

So, pretend you’re holding a coconut and relaxing beach side and read how Jess made it happen.

Chip: How did you save before using Chip? Piggy bank? A wad of cash in your boots?

Jess: I have always used ISAs, as well as just opening a LISA for house savings. Premium bonds are also a way I have saved but neither of these allow for the easy access of withdrawing my money as and when I please like Chip does! This is honestly such a great feature to be able to move money around with such simplicity!

I can’t say I have [used anything like Chip] as nothing jumped out to me from an app perspective as much as Chip did, so why would I bother!             

Chip: Tell us about your first Goal *cough* the six holidays...

Jess: Holiday one of six was the first goal. Putting aside enough money for a great time in sunny Seville with my family.

Holiday two of six followed nicely in Ibiza, leading onto holiday three of six in Barcelona, not forgetting holiday four of six in Nice, of course there was holiday five of six in Mykonos and last but not least, holiday six of six in St Lucia!

The holidays themselves were amazing and impossible without Chip and its management of my money. Chip is essentially my personal finance assistant!

It was almost too easy, I’d receive the notifications from chip to let me know he had calculated a comfortable amount to take from my current account and I would either roll with it, or choose to cancel the automatic save (this was rare, and only when I knew I had to fork out for an unexpected cost that day, for example).

I have always been a yes person and always get FOMO, so being able to fulfil all my travel aspirations for the year was truly fantastic!

Chip: What was your £££ goal?

Jess: For all six holidays I was budgeting for spending money of about £400 a go.

Chip delivered this goal for me each and every time without me having to spare a thought (normally something that proves a great deal of stress for me – I always over-book and think about the consequences later, oops my bad).

I think I ended up with over £400 each time a holiday was due, so I felt more than able to make the best out of each of my vacays!

Chip: What’s next? Holiday number seven?

Jess: The next goal is put aside enough money to buy my boyfriend the gift of his dreams for his birthday – a micro pig. I hear they can be pretty expensive, who knew?

So, I am aiming to put aside £2,000 to pay for the piggy himself and all the added extras too. A pig is by no means a simple animal to house!

Chip: So, do you just like us for our good looks, or is there something else?

Jess: The ease of use of the app. Some people shy away from finance related websites and apps as they can be overly complex and confusing. But not once have I found any difficulty using chip.

I set my goal, I let the automatic saves roll and I often add the odd manual save here and there if I feel extra savvy that month!

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