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October 22, 2019

#ChipSaverStories | Meet Anish

There’s now thousands of you putting away millions, but for what exactly? Let’s find out…

The most rewarding thing about Chip is hearing what our savers have achieved; what goals were smashed; what impossible dreams been made realities; cities traveled to; debts escaped.

So, we put a call out to our Chip savers to share the dreams they’ve made happen through the power of autosaves, and now we want to shout them from the rooftops to inspire even just one more person to save.

Welcome to blog #1 of our new series #ChipSaverStories, where we interview everyday Chip savers about the incredible things they’ve made happen.

Say hello to our #ChipSaverStories debutante, Anish 👋

New Product Introduction Engineer, Anish from Leicester, knew he was terrible at putting money aside. I mean, we all were at some stage; no one ever developed financial competence in the womb (other than Martin Lewis maybe ).

Anish told us he’d gone to the effort of opening an account separate to his spending as we all do, but admitted to never actually putting anything in it.

So, after seeing an ad for Chip, he thought he’d try the automated approach, removing the effort required to transfer the funds that hindered his success before.

“I set Chip up to help with funding my motorbike license and my first bike.
“And in just over a year, I had over £2000 in my Chip account.
“It was easy because I didn’t have to worry about putting money away. It was automatic.”

Considering the average Chip goal balance is a little over £600, that’s pretty bloody impressive.

Life doesn’t always go as planned…

But despite the profound coinage Anish had accumulated, he never ended up doing either of the things he set out to do. He never got his motorbike license and he never got his bike.

Brace yourselves, this is where we bring in the good ol’ fashioned storytelling conventions: the drama; the romance and the oh so happy endings we thrive upon.

“I didn’t end up buying a bike or getting my bike licence...”

Anish told us, the suspense thickening.

“…I ended up buying an engagement ring and funding a trip to Paris and Disneyland for a week.”

Cue the in-sync 'AWWWWWWWWWWW’.

The money saved through Chip empowers the spontaneous decisions; the impromptu proposals. When the moment is right and the person is even more so, you shouldn’t have to wait for the money to act on it. You should just make it happen. Get down on one knee, dammit.

So, what’s Anish's next goal?

“I’m currently using the app to help fund a house with my new fiancé.”

Did you hear that? FIANCE! We made that happen. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

“I loved how easy and seamless it is to the point I have invested into Chip as it is such a great saving app. I have recommended this app to all my friends who are using it as well.”

If you have a story you’d love to share, email at, or slide into our Facebook or Instagram DMs.

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