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January 27, 2020

#ChipSaverStories | Meet Daria

There’s now thousands of you putting aside millions, but what for exactly? Let’s find out…

We don’t usually do saver features on the Chip team, but we had to make an exception because when one can afford to go to the Seychelles for two weeks, one must know all the details. Particularly if both accommodation and return flights came to £373.

Chip’s Head of PR, Daria, lived out her tropical, travel-influencer life, while we sat in the office pondering the thought of microwaving our jumpers. 

For a momentary escape from frosted fingers and red noses, take five to imagine you're sipping coconuts and deciding between tanning and swimming.

Chip: What were you hoping to get from the app? 

Daria: I was hoping to stash some cash.

I was never great at saving, and my friend promised me a simple solution to a lifelong problem, so I had to give it a go. 

Chip: How long have you been using the Chip App? 

Daria: A friend of mine introduced me to Chip a few years ago, and I’ve been a convert ever since.

I guess time flies when you’re in good company. 

Chip: How did you save before using Chip?

Daria: If I had any money left at the end of a month, I would manually move it to the savings account with my high street bank.

It was never a sophisticated nor an efficient way to save.

Chip: Have you used anything similar?

Daria: I’ve tried a few similar apps but let’s just say it wasn’t meant to be. 

Chip: Can you start by telling us about the goal you made happen?

Daria: I saved up for a trip of a lifetime to the Seychelles with my partner. 

We spent two weeks island hopping in paradise. 

We booked our flights five months prior to travelling, and then over those five months, I focused on saving the money to spend when we're there.

I set up my goal and let Chip do its thing. 

I also made a few manual saves, depositing bigger chunks of money along the way.

Originally, I set my goal to £500 but ended up exceeding it. When it was time to go to the Seychelles, I had around a thousand pounds saved up.

Chip: Okay, wow. Tell us more about *sigh* your trip... 

Daria: It. Was. Amazing. 

We visited the islands of Mahe, La Digue and Praslin over the course of two weeks.

I drank unhealthy amounts of fresh juice, swam with the friendliest fish, cycled through the jungle, hiked to deserted beaches, watched stunning sunsets and, all in all, lived my best life for two weeks.

Seychelles is not easy to get to nor is it cheap, so it’s not something you can book with your friends on a whim after one too many wines.

But, after planning, saving with Chip and being an absolute pro at making the most out of Avios points, I made it happen!

I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet, but the way I made this trip happen is pretty impressive if you’re into life hacks and MSE-worthy tips. 

Chip: I don’t mean to be noisy BUT can we ask how much it cost? 

Daria: £373! My boyfriend travels a lot for work, so he had amassed a very healthy amount of Avios points, which we used to completely cover the cost of hotels and return flights. One thing to note is that even if you pay for your flights with Avios, you still have to pay taxes on top and those cost us £373 each for return economy flights with British Airways. 

With flights and hotels sorted, it was on to spending money to cover inter-island transfers, food, drinks, bicycles, local SIM card, and a couple of cheesy souvenirs. This is where Chip comes in! We spent £766 each while there, which brings the total cost of the trip to £1,139 per person for two weeks.

You could argue that it’s a lot of money but who can put a price tag on a dream, eh?

Chip: Even though my envy levels are already alarmingly high, what was the highlight?

Daria: Leaving windy and rainy London behind and stepping off the plane to a blast of hot and humid Seychellois air. I think I teared up at that point because the whole thing felt so surreal. 

Chip: What is your new goal? 

Daria: My resolution for 2020 is to buy less stuff and, instead, spend my money on experiences and travel. I’ve already booked a few city breaks in Europe but the big trip on my agenda is Tokyo in early June. 

My brother is turning 18 and the trip is his birthday present from me and my parents. So, not only do I need some spending money while we’re there, but I also need to pay for the flights. 

So, it’s Chip to the rescue yet again!

Chip: What is your favourite thing about Chip?

Daria: How easy, effortless and painless it is. 

I’ll be honest, I’m lazy and I’m not great with money. I’m one of those people who do crazy maths in their head to justify purchases or big expenses. And we all know how that ends… 

Chip doesn’t shame you for being bad with money though. 

Chip takes the hassle out of putting money aside by automating the entire process, which I absolutely love!

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