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November 20, 2019

#ChipSaverStories | Meet Emma

There’s now thousands of you put aside millions, but what for exactly? Let’s find out…

Winter is the season for romance, so while we anticipate watching Love Actually for the third time this week, take five with Chip saver/West Midlands Utilities Coordinator, Emma, who saved for her elopement in Emerald Lake, Colorado this year.

Now a two-years saver, Emma’s now husband, Dino, introduced her to Chip after seeing our plug on Money Saving Expert.

Chip: What were you hoping to get from the Chip app?:

Emma: [I was looking for] a good way to save easily without having to think about it or feel it.

I couldn’t bring myself to save previously and didn’t know the best way to do it. I don't always remember to do things manually, so the less I have on my to-do list the better.

Chip: Tell us about the most exciting goal you saved towards with Chip? *cough* Elopement. 


Emma: My partner and I have been using Chip for a while, but for just under a year we have been putting money away for our elopement and road trip in America. So, we booked in January and managed to keep it a secret from our friends and family until our date in October. 

We were away for just under three weeks in total, and seven days of driving from town to town on the road trip.


Chip: How long did it take to reach your goal? 

Emma: My goal was to save £1000 in nine months and I ended on £1200!


Chip: Okay, now we want all the details...


Emma: We had always spoke about eloping and never really like the idea of a traditional wedding, we really like to travel so it made sense to have a really good holiday.

After deciding we liked mountain elopements, we looked at Canada, New Zealand and Iceland, but settled on the US after coming across an elopement agency who had a choice of package elopements all over the US.

We flew out to Colorado in the USA where our wedding was a short yet beautiful ceremony in the Rocky Mountain National Park, then we did some hiking in another area of the park up to some gorgeous lakes with a breathtaking mountain backdrop - it was PERFECT!

After our wedding we took a flight to Las Vegas where we spent a few days in the sun and taking in the craziness of the place, then we got a Dodge Challenger and set out on a week long journey back to Colorado.

Finally we made it back to the colourful state of Colorado and were welcomed by a two day snow storm, (bit scary in a rear wheel muscle car) but the whole trip was amazing. 


Chip: I think we all have some serious travel/wedding/couple envy… can you tell us nosey romanticists where it all began?

Emma: We’ve been together for five years after meeting on Plenty of Fish. We both work in utilities so we had a lot of boring conversations haha. 

He proposed after two years and he said to his friends at the beginning of our relationship that he was going to marry me one day. We’ve been living together in our own home for three years now, and we have a cat called Tsuki.

Chip: How did Chip play a part in this amazing experience?

Emma: Chip was a great way to save some extra money for spending without having to worry about finding it at the last minute; I just let it collect without me really noticing it. My partner was doing the same in his Chip app, too.

The best part is the feeling you get when you log on and see how much you’ve managed to save without realising it. Dino and I both believe in the product and think that Chip has been really helpful to us and our saving habits. 

It's also reassuring knowing that you have some money stored away just in case.

Chip: So, what are you saving for now?

Emma: We haven’t set a plan or date yet, but we would like to either go back to the States, Japan or New Zealand.

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