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March 11, 2020

#ChipSaverStories | Meet Kristian

There’s now thousands of you putting aside millions, but what for exactly? Let’s find out…

Swindon local, Kris, has been a Chip saver since February 2018, and has since saved £10,000.

Yep, we choked on our cereal, too. Ten thousand big ones in 18 months.

' Before Chip, I would be living payday to payday. My money was constantly burning a hole in my pocket, and I couldn’t do the whole ‘payday, save day’ thing.  I needed to start putting money aside, then Chip came about, so I thought ‘hey, here’s my chance!’

We took five with Kris to ask him how Chip helped him get his first house!

Chip: Tell us about your dream of buying a house...

Kris: When I was 22, I was conscious that I was spending a lot of money and had little to show for it.

My dream was to stop relying on my parents, become independent and actually buy my first home, so I can have a proper go at this ‘adulting’ thing I hear so much about.  

Questions were running through my head… How would I ever be able to afford a house? Is it possible to even save enough for a deposit? Can I even save £1,000?

Then I found Chip, or rather, Chip found me.

I used Chip’s auto-save function to allow my money to grow without even noticing and before I knew it, I had around £1,000.

I thought, ‘hmm… I reckon I can do this!’

As months went by, I was got closer and closer to securing the £10,000 I needed to reach my goal of a home deposit.

In February 2020, this goal was achieved and a dream from two years ago became a reality.

Now I have found the perfect house with my equally as perfect partner who I’ve also introduced to Chip, and we are unbelievably excited to move in.

Although I think my parents, despite never daring to admit it, will miss us at the family home each night and weekend.

Chip: A big, huge, massive congratulations! What was the most rewarding part of it all?

Kris: Buying my first home is the obvious answer, but on top of all of that, I am now, dare I say it, considering myself a ‘professional saver’.

Chip has helped me realise the impact small contributions can have, such as taking a tougher stance on whether I genuinely need to buy something, which is often a difficult thing to do for people nowadays.

Now, I am putting aside more than I ever thought I would be and, with the help of Chip, I love watching the amount of money I have saved up grow every single week.

Chip: What is your new goal? (How much, how long are you giving yourself)

Kris: My new goal is to furnish my house and put my own stamp on it. Although I’m sure my mum will still be round most days, telling me to pick up my socks and put dishes away.

Chip: What is your favourite thing about Chip?

Kris: My new mindset.

Chip gives you that push that no other app does.
When using it, I found things out about my ability to save that I never knew.

For example, once I hit my first milestone of putting aside £1,000 I proved to myself that I could genuinely save.

Soon after, I was able to change how I thought about spending my money. As a direct result, putting enough aside for my first ever home!

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