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January 21, 2020

#ChipSaverStories | Meet Natalie

There’s now thousands of you putting aside millions, but what for exactly? Let’s find out…

If you thought you were a Eurovision fan, think again.

Natalie, Chip saver and Business Intelligence Developer ("Chandler Bing job…I work in IT with databases and dashboards") from Manchester, deserves a satin sash for her dedication to the international song contest.

If attending a Eurovision has been on your bucket list, or it is now, take five to read how Natalie made it happen without doing a thing.

Chip: How did you hear about Chip? 

Natalie: With working in IT, I like to think I try out new digital things ahead of the curve. 

My friend at work downloaded the app and said how good it was, so introduced me and thought I’d give it a go and have now been using Chip for two years!

Chip: Was hoping you said carrier pigeon, but that's fine. How did you save before Chip? 

Natalie: I didn’t save before using Chip!  

I didn’t feel like I wasted money, but I definitely had too much month left at the end of my money, so an app that saves based on how you spend was the perfect solution for me!

Chip: Tell us how you made your Eurovision vision a reality...

Natalie: The dream was for what I’m calling a “Cost neutral Eurovision!”.  

I’d been going to and hosting Eurovision parties for about 10 years!  

Actually going to Eurovision was a bucket list activity, and every year I’d think, wouldn’t it be fabulous if I could go one day?  

So when Portugal won in 2017, I thought right, this is it, I’m going to go to it next year!

I had no idea how much tickets would cost or even if I’d be able to get them, but I downloaded Chip and thought about £900 should cover everything; flights, Airbnb, final tickets and spending money for while I was over there.  

It took 5 months and I smashed my goal and went to Lisbon for Eurovision 2018!

We had such a great time, and when we saw Israel winning, we were already planning to go again the next year!  

The next year was going to be a more expensive experience; it was further away, we stayed for a lot longer and the final tickets were crazy expensive (£260!), so I needed a bigger goal. I needed to save £1,700.  

I had a year to reach it this time, and to be honest, I didn’t feel the saves coming out as they were always what I could afford. 

My automated saves were larger at pay day and as small as £1 at the end of the month.

I reached my £1,700 goal and went to Tel Aviv for Eurovision 2019 and it was one of the best experiences of my life!  

Chip really has made what I saw as a once in a lifetime bucket list activity as something I can make a reality each year.

Chip: So, where’s the next destination?

Natalie: My new goal is £1,200 to go to Rotterdam 2020 and I start putting money aside for the next years as soon as I get back from the last one!

Chip: C’mon, what’s your favourite thing about Chip

Natalie: I really like the new features where the dots predict based on the amount of money you've already staged away, when you could meet your goal.  You will be pleased to hear I am on track for Rotterdam 2020!

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