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November 22, 2019

#ChipSaverStories | Meet Pip

There’s now thousands of you puting aside millions, but what for exactly? Let’s find out…

Newly graduated Veterinary Surgeon, Pip from Manchester, downloaded Chip after seeing us on Twitter as a way to help her save during a six year degree (round of applause).

In just over 18 months, not only has she managed to conquer saving, she graduated, is living on her own, and has paid for what we think is the sweetest tattoo we've ever seen.

Take five to read about Pip's Chip journey.

Chip: How did you save before using Chip? 


Pip: I did not save; I am terrible with money! I'm just a very chaotic, disorganised, and impulsive person!

Even though I'm on a good salary, I tend to live pay-cheque to pay-cheque because I'm so consistently awful at planning ahead.

My family have always said that "money burns a hole in my pocket", and I always assumed this would just get better as I got older - for the most part, it really hasn't (at least not without external help!).

Chip: We feel you. Where did you find your money was going instead?

Pip: Is "I don't know" a valid answer?

I mostly went on stuff I don't need - lots of impulse buys that I hardly use like clothes, cosmetics, and general junk and trinkets. Every horizontal surface in my house is covered in stuff; vases, jewellery, stationery, ornaments. I'm just a magpie who likes material things!


Chip: Tell us about your first goal? 


Pip: I set a low goal as I thought I would struggle and just wanted to try and actually save for once.

In my first three months I set out to save £100, but ended with £300! It was really surprising to see myself managing this without feeling like I was compromising.

Chip allowed me to get an impulsive cat tattoo the day I graduated from vet school. There was a tattoo artist I loved who just happened to be in London the same day as my graduation, which was a happy coincidence, along with actually having the money to pay for the tattoo too!

It was such an important landmark for me and really cool to be able to mark it guilt free.


Pip's Chip-paid-for tattoo by @bazgramsobie, based out of Katowice, Poland.  

Chip: What is your new goal?


Pip: I don't currently have goal set, as I'm living alone for the first time and getting used to having an income that isn't a student loan, but I find it so helpful having a bit of money stored up at the end of the month!


Chip: What is your favourite thing about Chip? 


Pip: It's so easy, even I can use it! Anyone who struggles with organising their life, and wants a hassle free save should get this!


Pip adopted this stray kitten, now named Jupiter.

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