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September 16, 2020

#ChipSaverStories x #SaveAtHome | Meet Rebecca

Sometimes the best holidays are the ones you don't need to leave the country for...

Teacher and mum of two, Rebecca, has been with Chip for about a year now, and wrote to us earlier this week to tell us about her family's Chip-funded staycation.

As we're all well aware, international travel still hasn't returned to normal, so exploring the UK has become the next best thing when you need a break.

We actually wrote a blog about all the top places to visit here.

Being at risk, Rebecca shares how she managed to change her trip to France into an incredible adventure, all the while not having to save a thing.

Tell us about your original plan...

Rebecca: I had been patiently relishing watching my chip account plotting the success towards my saving goal, which was a family trip to Disneyland, Paris.

Ah every kid’s (and grown adult’s) dream! What goal did you set yourself to get there?

Rebecca: Over 12 months, I hoped to save £600, but instead finished with £3000 in my account! 

I was getting towards my goal completely painlessly, as 'Chip' cleverly 'chipped' away at my account, without me missing the money. 

When the park was shut ( 😥 ) in lieu of COVID, what did you do instead?

Rebecca: Anyway as we all know 2020 had very different travel plans. 

Disneyland was closed, but has since reopened, but being a bit vulnerable due to asthma, I didn't really fancy it. 

The night before we were due to leave France was included on the quarantine list and with work and school looming in September nobody was going anywhere....

However I did have a nice little 'rainy day' fund safely secured in the little 'Chip' app.  And as we know, mid  August 2020 was rather rainy!  So, it was time to 'Staycation' and discover where we lived. 

We bought wetsuits and I am very pleased to say I swam in the North Sea which was so special because I hadn't swam in years!

We've had great fun at local theme parks and I've discovered I can no longer do roller coasters - still rockin' the log flume though!.

It hasn't been the most glamorous or adventurous summer by any means, but It has, however, been quietly fun and we have learnt to appreciate and love where we live.  

What’s next?

Rebecca: We are hoping to go to the West Coast of France next year and to take some surfing lessons.  We have until August 2021!

What is your favourite thing about Chip?

Rebecca:  One of the things I like best about 'Chip' is how it celebrates with us when we reach our saving goal. Chip never resents us taking money out or chastises us for spending our own money - which other similar accounts have been known to do.

I don’t have to debate whether I can afford to put money away – the algorithm does it for me!  Chip celebrates with us when we meet our goals – which helps to remind us that money is for living life to the full, not to be sitting in a bank account.

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