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March 25, 2020

#ChipSaverStories x #SaveAtHome | Meet Christina

Ordinarily, our #ChipSaverStories series showcase exotic holidays, new tattoos or dream weddings.

However, with the recent travel restrictions and event cancellations unfolding, we knew there would be no point asking how you planned to use your Chip funds. 

Instead, we thought we’d share all the positive ways people are using their Chip funds now, despite it not being exactly what they had planned. 

In the fourth installment of the reinvented #ChipSaverStories, we spoke to Christina (via a nicely socially distanced email) who works for the NHS as an Operational Manager for Theatres and Critical Care, who had planned to use her Chip funds as spending money at the Barcelona Spanish F1 Grand Prix in May and we were planning to use our chip savings as spending money. 

How will you be reallocating that spending money? Will you be making a new goal?

Hopefully. Hard to be positive about the future right now as both the F1 we were attending AND our wedding have been cancelled. There will be something worth saving for though.

As the schools have now closed my 13 year old daughter now has to learn from home, so we have used the savings to buy her a laptop which will enable her to access vital learning resources. 

Without Chip, purchasing this would have been challenging and we would have had to use the credit card! 

Will you continue to use Chip during this time? 

Absolutely. Chip is fantastic and has allowed me to save money that I really didn’t think I had spare!

Having money stashed away has given me a sense of relief that I didn’t previously have. 

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