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May 6, 2020

#ChipSaverStories x #SaveAtHome | Meet Hannah

Ordinarily, our #ChipSaverStories series showcase exotic holidays, new tattoos or dream weddings...

However, with the recent travel restrictions and event cancellations unfolding, we knew there would be no point asking how you planned to use your Chip funds. 

Instead, we thought we’d share all the positive ways people are using their Chip funds now, despite it not being exactly what they had planned. 

We took five with Chip saver, Hannah, to see find how she's coping through lockdown, and how she plans to spoil her daughter when all the madness is over.

Hey, Hannah! First off, tell us about your Chip history - Chipstory, if you will.

Hannah: I downloaded Chip in February this year after reading an article on MSE. 

I used it to put some money aside easily and separate from my day-to-day bank account - I just wanted to start to build a little nest, just for a rainy day or a treat every now and then.

I didn't really look at it after setting it up, I noticed the autosaves going out of my bank, but because it was never massive amounts, I didn't think much of it.

I didn’t have a set goal, I just left the app to do its own thing and to be honest, I forgot about it until I checked it at the end of April!

The ol’ forget about us trick, hey? It’s fine, we’re not mad. Has lockdown changed how you use Chip?

Hannah: Just after the lockdown was announced, my contract at my job as a learning mentor had come to an end and they couldn't afford to renew it, which was pretty sad as I loved my job. 

I had to go a short while without work as I couldn't start my new job right away so had to go another month without being paid, which is hard for someone without any money saved!

Oh, we’re sorry to hear that. How are you managing?

Hannah: To get through it, I've spent the past month budgeting; writing exact shopping lists for my specific meal plans, moving around my direct debits and standing orders, and generally giving myself a bit of a money makeover! 

To save money, I've started batch-cooking and no treats - essential spending only. I go around the house switching off every plug and every light; anything to try and save electricity wherever possible!

This has been hard, but as an adult I guess I've had to accept the situation, but I’m very impressed with how well my 11 year old daughter has reacted.

She doesn't complain and eats everything I give her (even if we're eating the same thing everyday).

She hasn't asked for anything, not even pocket money!

She just gets on with her school work and has really stepped up with looking after our dog, Caesar.

They are like best friends, he even sleeps on her bed at night!

Soooo, is this the part where Chip comes in?

Hannah: Yep, back to I just happened to check my Chip account the other day and found out I've saved over £160 without even realising!

I was amazed - I've never been able to save money like that, I was so happy!

Yay! This is arguably the best feeling in the entire world. What do you plan to do with it?

Hannah: I've decided I'm going to keep letting Chip do its thing, and as soon as things start to ease up, I'm going to treat my daughter to a fancy Mother-Daughter spa day; massages and manicures and saunas all round, afternoon tea, the full works!

I'm not going to tell her until this is all over because I want it to be a surprise, but at least I now have a Chip goal!

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