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July 14, 2020

#ChipSaverStories x #SaveAtHome | Meet Lucy

Give us a puppy story, and you better believe we are sharing the heck out of it.

If there is an opportunity to share dog content, we will seize it without hesitation. 

So, when Chip saver, Lucy, got in touch to tell us how she saved up for her new Dachshund puppy, Remy, we couldn’t resist. 

If you’re looking at investing in a little furry companion but are fretting over the cost, read how Lucy made it happen with Chip's autosaves. 

How did you hear about Chip?

Lucy: My friend recommended Chip after using it to save some money for her maternity leave, so I thought I would give it a go. 

I didn’t think I could afford to save but when I found the settings options to be able to adjust the amount that gets saved, I thought I would see what happens as I could always withdraw it back.

What were you hoping to get from the app?

Lucy: To maybe be able to save £10 or £20 a month but I wasn’t sure if that was achievable, as I didn’t think I had that much spare each month. 

I wanted to buy a puppy so thought that Chip may help me save for a few puppy bits to ease the stress of initial outlays. 

Tell us about your most prominent goal (this will be the one you got in touch with us about)? 

Lucy: We were saving for a puppy, so I thought I would help by trying to save some money towards the lead or food bowl and flea treatments etc. 

I originally set a goal to save around £50, but managed to finish £148!

Tell us about the experience? 

Lucy: It was so simple! 

Chip was only taking small amounts of £4 or £5 here and there, so I genuinely didn’t notice it leaving my account. 

It was soothing to think that if I WAS short any month, I could just withdraw it back to my account so easily. 

When I first reached £100 I was in shock, so I was excited to see how far past £100 I could get.

What is your new goal? 

Lucy: I am hoping to save £170 next for lip fillers, something I never thought I could afford before, but now feel it could be achievable with small saving amounts.

What is your favourite thing about Chip? 

Lucy: How you just don’t notice it leaving your bank account, and how you can just withdraw it back if you ever need it. 

I also like that you can make manual changes yourself if you fancy rounding the amount up to the next ten.

I enjoying seeing a streak too, its nice to see how many days straight you have been saving for.

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