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March 26, 2020

#ChipSaverStories x #SaveAtHome | Meet Sarah

Ordinarily, our #ChipSaverStories series showcases exotic holidays, new tattoos or dream weddings.

However, with the recent travel restrictions and event cancellations unfolding, we knew there would be no point asking how you planned to use your Chip funds. 

Instead, we thought we’d share all the positive ways people are using their Chip funds now, despite it not being exactly what they had planned. 

In our second installment of the #ChipSaverStories series, we spoke to Sarah (via a nicely socially distanced email) who, since her daughter's birthday party won’t be able to go ahead, has mastered some tier one entertainment for both her husband and her kids. 

The ultimate DIY project 

“I have renamed our holiday fund in the Chip app to diy funds and have been madly ordering supplies to keep my husband busy when he inevitably ends up self-isolating (he is a self employed electrician)!”

“We’re building my daughter a stage for her birthday as a surprise as no doubt her requested mermaid unicorn party early April will be cancelled.”

“He’s got a whole load of projects (sandpit, tee-pee) to build some fun equipment in the garden and move some kitchen bits around.” 

The good word

“I’m very thankful we’ve get immediate access to this “bonus” money we’ve been saving in dribs and drabs as it means I can organise everything up front!”

“Having a buffer like Chip has been great as it feels like bonus money which means I don’t feel guilty using this more ‘frivolously’ for activities and supplies.” 

“If we’d had to buy all of this stuff out of regular monthly income it would have been too much and I don’t think I’d have felt able to justify doing that in such uncertain times.”

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