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January 16, 2020

Everything you need to know about your limited time SuperTicket

Give your SuperTicket to a friend before midnight and you’ll get £5 and your friend will get £10.

According to our calendars, January 20, or Blue Monday, is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, right? 

Wrong. We at Chip simply won’t have it. 

So, instead of shedding tears over our battered bank accounts, the weather and our sobriety for the month, we’re giving you not one, but two reasons to turn that frown upside down.

For today only, your Kickstart Ticket has been bitten by a small radioactive spider. Enter, SuperTicket. 

Give your SuperTicket to a friend before midnight and you’ll get £5 and your friend will get £10. For free. It’s a double win.

Three times a charm: Invite three friends and get £30 💸💸💸

If you get three friends to sign up with your SuperTicket before it expires, we'll give you an extra £15. Just like that, you’re £30 closer to reaching your goal (we hope it’s a micro pig). 

The ‘How-To’

Just tap the ‘Invite’ button in the top left corner of the app, get your friends to download Chip and sign up with your unique six-digit code. 

And if you’re thinking of asking how many friends you can invite, well: 

If they need some more convincing to download Chip, here are some one-liners:

1. “You get a free £10!” for starters. 

2. “The app doesn’t cost you anything. No, they don’t take any sneaky cuts of your saves either.” 

3. “You will save £££ without feeling a thing. Like, literally. Can’t even.” 

4. “Through the power of Chip’s autosaves, you could save over £1800 in a year. None of this transferring your pay to a separate account only to transfer it right back nonsense.” 

5. “They’re pretty funny. Well executed gifs. Good blog content.”

6. “You don’t see the money Chip puts aside in your regular bank account, meaning you’re less tempted to spend it on those ridiculous beetroot lattes.”

7. “I don’t know if you heard me but you get a free £10.” 

8. “Signing up takes less than 60 seconds.” Yep, we timed it. 

The totally not boring Terms and Conditions

1. If you successfully refer a friend on 20 January 2020 you will be eligible to receive £5 and your friend will be eligible to receive £10

2. If you successfully refer 3 friends in the day (20 January), you will be eligible to receive a one off additional £15.

3. Your friend must have at least 2 completed autosaves before they get their bonus.

4. To be classed as a successful referral, your friend must download Chip, connect their card, and enter your promo code in their ‘Profile’ tab before 11:59pm on 20 January 2020 and have a completed welcome save on that day.

5. Your friend’s £10 will be added to their Chip account within 30 days of their 2nd autosave.

6. Your £5 will be added to your Chip account within 30 days of the successful referral. If you are eligible (ie have referred 3 friends), your additional £15 will also be added to your account within 30 days.

7. A user can only enter one promo code.

8. Offer ends midnight (11:59pm) 20 January 2020.

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