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June 8, 2020

Five items from your childhood that'll make you rich

Turns out your childhood toy box doubles as a money pot. Who said investments had to be boring?

Stocks and shares; cars and art; relationships and time - what do these all have in common? 

Heavy investment, baby. 

Once we’ve saved up a bit of money, it’s natural to want to invest a fraction and (hopefully) watch it’s value soar. 

What if we told you could make more money investing in lego then you could a piece of fine art? 

Or how about getting a higher return from a Pokemon card than bitcoin? You don’t need to go to SpecSavers, we’re serious.

Before we look to the stock market for our next investment, maybe we should look in the toy aisle first. Here are five unconventional assets you may wish to explore should you have a bit of extra money to ‘play’ with. 


You know when there are multiple resources dedicated to the LEGO economy that this no child’s play. 

According to BrickEconomy, the retail cost of all LEGO sets is £275,361.59.

The current value of all sets is £1,196,228.69.

LEGO sets clocked 11% annual return for investment (8% after inflation) over the 1987 to 2015 period, and if these percentages don’t mean much to you, let’s put it in context. 

After inflation, here are some approximate % returns on investments for popular assets:

  • Art at around 4%
  • Diamonds at around 6%
  • Postage stamps 3%.

With 800 sets a year, there are plenty to choose from, but at an average price point of say $30, then you’ve still only invested roughly $24,000 if you buy every set on the market in a given year.

Harry Potter Books

If you’ve got a 1997 first edition hardcover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone sitting on your bookshelf, then you’re sitting on £28,850 – £39,700. We’ll give you a moment to frantically scramble to the Copyright page of your copy.

Hint: if it is authored by Joanne Rowling, as opposed to J.K Rowling, you’ve struck gold/

First editions of the next couple of books in the series are also worth a few bob *cough* £6,500 for The Chamber of Secret. 

If you find your self in the possession of first additions or signed copies, see how much £££ you could be looking by jumping to Ebay. It may be time to open an account at Gringotts. 

Pokemon Cards

Sell a Pikachu Illustrator Card and you can comfortably pay for a mansion.

There are some other rare ones to look out for that could be worth a pretty penny.

A first edition Holographic Shadowless Charizard is worth around £9,000, and a first edition Shining Charizard comes in at around £2,600 - puts a whole new meaning on investment deck.

Beanie Babies

A 90s childhood treasure you would have mindlessly flogged off when you outgrew collecting plush toys, has now turned into a very expensive loss. 

Allow me to elaborate on ‘expensive’.

The ‘Princess Bear’, stitched up to commemorate Princess Diana, is now worth $665,000. 

Yes, I used the correct number of zeros.

There are plenty more furry friends that could comfortably pay off your student loans or even a new car. 


Time to give your mum a call and hope she hung onto these.

Comic Books

A common cameo movies and tv shows use when depicting the nerd stereotype is the frantic protection of the pristine condition of their comic books. But now we see to what end. 

In March 2010, a mint copy of Action Comics Superman No. 1 sold at auction for $1.5 million USD.

If you’re wanting to go down this avenue, make sure you ‘read up’ on preservation. We’re talking mylar bags, comic board backings, and a special cardboard box designed to hold comic books, stored in a climate controlled environment. 

*Capital at risk. We don't recommend investing all your precious dabloons in a rare Star Wards LEGO set okay, folks.

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