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November 18, 2019

Hacking a Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

If we’re going to be cheap, can we at least look good doing it?

Champagne living on a beer budget is the mantra of Millennial culture. 

There is no denying the difference in expenditure between this generation and its predecessor, the Baby Boomers. Just type ‘OK Boomer’ into Google. 

We make jokes about never being able to buy a house, or the crippling student debt that will haunt us until our 52nd birthday, but if we get serious about conquering life’s biggest expenses before we start being targeted for retirement ads, we may have to make some adjustments to our spending behaviours.

Though to our demise as a society that subscribes to the likes of reality TV and the exclusivity of the Instagram Life, is it possible to Keep up with the Kardashians, er Joneses, without declaring first world poverty? Yes. We. Can

Here’s our guide to living your best life without the financial strife.  

Globetrotting affordably 

If your budget looks like a trip to the supermarket on the other side of town is the only getaway you can afford, allow us to console you. 

They beauty of living in the UK is the close proximity to so many European destinations. Many of us take for granted the fact we can literally buy a return flight to Spain for under £50. 

Booking in advance and signing up to the famed savvy-traveler sights like Jacks Flight Club and Skyscanner are two no-brainers.

But it turns out there are even certain days of the week to book and certain days you should depart for racking up the lowest price. 

Skyscanner’s 2019 Flight Insights report found that travellers can save 21% by departing the UK on Friday compared to a Sunday, with Wednesday tends to be the most expensive day to book a flight. By booking on a Sunday, travellers can also save you 4%, too.

Looking at destinations where the exchange rate works in GDP, making Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia hot spots. 50p Nasi Goreng, anyone? 

Savvy Soirees

Bottomless Brunches are fun when your bank balance is bottomless, not so much when you’re trying to watch your spending. While you may think the most dapper of outings come at a price, we’ve pulled together some ideas that aren’t limited to walks in the park or a water cocktail. 

‘Come Dine With Me’ themed evenings are 2019’s answer to the bring-a-plate party, an affair involving a group of friends, cooking your signature dish, whipping up a shit-hot menu on Canva and competing for the title of ‘hostess with the most-est’. 

Similarly, partaking in a 'Progressive Dinner' is another idea my friends and I exercised recently. First of all, it sounds fancy. Secondly, dinner parties scream ‘I am financially stable’. The way it works is staggering cocktails, entrees, dinner and dessert across four different households, which one course designated to one house. Each house adopted their own theme (Mexican, American Thanksgiving, etc) and chose a drinking game.

If you have a culinary-ly challenged group or would rather dining out, scouting out BYO restaurants will save you on the market up on drinks!

For our London-slicker Chip savers, Timeout regularly posts free things to do. 

Can I get an Amen to Aldi

I’m making the call: Aldi is the supermarket poster child equivalent for living boujee on a budget.

The discount giant’s wine, spirits and assorted foods have won countless national awards, including Good Housekeeping 2019 wine retailer award, Retail Week supermarket of the year for 2019, despite the average bottle being the price of a lemon, lime and bitters at the pub. 

Shopping list:

  • Award-winning Spanish Rose: £3.99
  • Premium dark chocolate block: £1.99
  • Continental cheese variety: £1.99
  • Spanish Charcuterie: £1.99

= a date night for two that is under £15.

Garnish with some berries and nuts (provided you these won't send your date into anaphylaxis) and lay it aesthetically on a plank of wood, and you’ve earned the right to use the word charcuterie board instead of grazing platter, you sophisticated minx. 

Gucci get-up for Primark prices 

We have a couple of tricks for dressing like an A-Lister when you identify more as a P-Lister (P for poor). 

Clothing rental is rising in popularity for those going out-out or with an appetite for brands, with the movement advocating for outfit-recycling while simultaneously enabling people to avoid outfit repeating for a fraction of the cost. An outfit you would ordinarily pay £500 for and wear once or twice is now yours for £50 for 48 hours. 

Alternatively, TK Maxx, Depop and independent sample sales are other outlets offering big brands at small price points. If all else fails, pop some tags and go thrift shopping - you may just find some Givenchy hidden under a pre-loved poncho. 

Shopping without the sobbing

We’re certain there is already bajillion blogs and Reddit threads on how to get your two bobs worth, so what’s one more? 

A pretty neat online shopping tool to take advantage of is Honey - a Chrome add-on that automatically find and apply discounts when you shop online.

Also, if you agree to sign up to a newsletter you can often get a discount code, and also it's a good way to keep you in the loop with a companies latest sales. 

If none of these appeal to you, I suggest starting your own YouTube channel, marrying rich or winning the lottery. 

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