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October 22, 2019

Identifying your savings personality

Move over Myers-Briggs personality testing; identifying your savings personality is the next best way to bond with colleagues and friends. Significantly less accurate, but arguably more entertaining.

We’ve all frequented the Buzzfeed quizzes that read something along the lines of: ‘what kind of winter vegetable are you?’, but have you identified what kind of saver you are? (If you answered yes, you need a new hobby).

Just like everyone isn’t a parsnip, not everyone has the same approach to saving, so for your amusement as well as our own, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and dive deeper into the personalities behind five different saving stereotypes.

The $penc£r McSpendisons

Character Description:

Responsible spending is a foreign concept among this demographic. The word savings alone conjures squinted eyes and furrowed brows.

It would be reasonable to assume this cohort never has any contents in their fridge; will often say #TreatYoSelf after impulse purchases; struggles to sit still for too long; is always up for a drink; may have rich parents.

Life motto:

‘Here for a good time, not a long time.’

‘You only live once.’

‘I like my money where I can see it - in my wardrobe.’

Spotify top played songs:

Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani

Money - Cardi B

Glamorous - Fergie

Favourite food:

Almond milk chai latte with a Poke bowl, or something containing activated charcoal.

Chip course of action:

Download the app if you haven’t done so. Now. This is less of a suggestion and more of a demand. And no, you do NOT need another pair of exercise leggings, you haven’t been to the gym in three months for Pete’s sake.

The Workweek Winonas

Character Description:

Can adequately save Monday through to Friday, but all discipline is abandoned as the clock strikes five on a Friday and the weekend begins.

Is always the first to shout the group a round of Jager Bombs; impartial to an overpriced Sunday brunch; bit of an ASOS fiend.

Life motto:

‘Work hard, play hard.’

Spotify top played songs:

Working For The Weekend - Loverboy

She Works Hard For The Money - Donna Summer

Sandstorm - Darude

Favourite food:

An equal tie between an avocado smash and a late night kebab.

Chip course of action:

Modify your savings level under the settings tab so you’re not tempted to withdraw early, meaning you can still continue to save while sipping on G&Ts. We’ll drink to that.

The Goal Oriented Garys

Character description:

Is able to save in pursuit of achieving a goal; presumably a ski trip or music festival.

Low-key think they are a travel Instagrammer; are super competitive; wears a fitness tracker; only drinks filtered water.

Life motto:

‘Short term sacrifice, long term reward amiright.’

‘You can’t put a price on experience, mate.’

Spotify top played songs:

Money, Money, Money - ABBA

Don’t Stop Believing - Journey

Anything from Indie Arrivals

Favourite food:

Meal prepped pesto zoodles. Organic. Vegan. Gluten free.

Chip course of action:

Take advantage of the sparkly goal function and ensure 100% of your saves are directed to that wallet so you’ll receive the most benefit.

The Responsible Rhondas

Character description:

Routine savers who delegate a set amount of income to savings each pay. These are the kind of people we all aspire to be. Generally good at life. Understands Brexit. Probably in a stable relationship. Culinary gifted. Enjoys a midweek glass of red.

Life motto:

‘The best things in life are free.’

Spotify top played songs:

Bills, Bills, Bills - Destiny’s Child

The office music playlist.

Favourite food:

A classic Sunday roast.

Chip course of action:

Supplement autosaves with manual saves, adding any money left over at the end of the month into your Chip balance.

The Frugal Ferguses

The token cheapskate who believes saving can only be sanctified through means of bailing on plans and stingy acts.  

Was the inspiration behind Macklemore’s thrift shop hit; cuts out the coupons from the newspapers on public transport; always late because they favour the longest yet cheapest route; take expiry dates as a suggestion; checks bank balance more than their messages.

Life motto:

‘A penny saved is a penny earned.’

Spotify top played songs:

Gold Digger - Kanye West

Thriftshop - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, obviously.

The advertisement jingle behind the Spotify premium ad.

Favourite food:

Their friends’ leftovers. Sainsbury’s sandwiches.

Chip course of action:

The presence of Chip alone will eliminate the need for the irritating penny-pinching habits that may strain friendships.

Chip doesn’t discriminate against any type of saver (unless you are actually cutting out coupons at 8am on the Northern Line).

No matter if you’re a Spencer McSpendison or a Frugal Fergus, saving benefits everyone. So, whether you’re saving for a new pair of specs or a ticket to Celine Dion, it all starts here! Download the Chip app via the links below.

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