June 7, 2019

Introducing Chip's new Head Of Community

Hi there! The team at Chip just keeps on growing, so let me take a couple of minutes to introduce myself…

My name’s Sarah and I’m the new Head of Community here, which means I’m in charge of making sure that the whole Chip family is made to feel extra-special. I’ll be your voice in the Chip office and I’m planning some super exciting stuff for you to get in on as well.

I’ve actually been a Chip saver since August 2017, after using the Ignore It And It’ll Go Away method of managing my finances for years; something I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with! Chip made me realise just how easy it was to save and get on top of my money, so I’m thrilled to now be a part of the team.

Outside of the office, you’ll find me at a gig or a pro-wrestling show, looking for new places to grab some tasty vegan food, or teaching a yoga class.

I’m also a bit of a massive Disney fan, so most of my Chip balance is going towards my next trip in September, where I’ll be running the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon again (yep, that’s really a thing!).

You’ll be able to find me on all of our social channels and our ChipMunks Facebook group, so feel free to give me a shout anytime!

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