February 25, 2021

Investment Funds are coming to Chip

Chip's CEO, Simon Rabin, has some big news.

I’m delighted to announce the imminent launch of two products: Investment Funds and ChipX.

We think they're going to change how you look at your money forever.

Investing can be intimidating, there's a perception that you need to be very wealthy, have insider knowledge, or years of experience before you can start investing your money.

But we believe it's something everyone should be doing. Investing, whilst carrying an element of risk, is a very powerful tool to grow your money. Everyone, absolutely everyone, should feel empowered to put their money to work. Investing should not be an elite, exclusive world. 

So we set out to create a way of investing that we think will change everything.

A way of investing that doesn't rely on picking stocks, and getting lucky. A way of investing that is always simple and accessible to all. A way of investing that gives good returns in a sustainable way.

To achieve this, we have teamed up with BlackRock to bring investment funds into Chip.

We wanted to bring you a steady pair of expert hands to handle your investments. We thought we couldn't do better than BlackRock. They are the biggest investment manager in the world and look after more than $8 trillion of the world's assets. 

Users on the ChipAI plan will get exclusive access to three funds called BlackRock Cautious, BlackRock Balanced and BlackRock Adventurous. 

You'll hear much more about this in the coming months. The team at Chip are working closely with the experts from BlackRock and around the industry to bring you jargon-free, clear and simple educational content, to make our vision of accessible investing for everyone a reality.

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