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December 17, 2019

#ChipSaverStories | Meet Louise 

We collaborated with Glasgow Basket Brigade to share the real meaning of Christmas (and it's not Malteser Reindeer).

A few weeks ago, Chip saver, Louise, sent us an email about her plans to use Chip throughout November and December to help the Glasgow Basket Brigade make and deliver 500 Christmas food baskets (feeding 2,000-3,000) to Glasgow families in need of a little bit more love this Christmas. 

Our frosted festive hearts were well and truly thawed out. 

After hearing of all the inspiring work the Glasgow Basket Brigade do for those doing it tough this time of year, we decided to get involved and shine some red and green lights on not only Louise’s saver story, but how the non-for-profit is spreading the Christmas cheer this year.

Chip: Tell us a bit more about the Glasgow Basket Brigade...

Louise: On the 21st of December, 400 volunteers will gather to make and deliver 500 Christmas food baskets to Glasgow families of 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 people.

Each Christmas basket contains everything needed to make an at home Christmas dinner and a Christmas card.

We need to raise over £8,000 to fund 500 Christmas food baskets. 

Our cost per basket was £15 to feed a family of four. With everything we’ve had donated (food, money and supplies), we’ve been able to reduce our cost per basket to £7.50 meaning that we are now fully funded for this year’s 2019 Basket Brigade and fundraising for 2020 activities!

This Christmas we will provide a Christmas dinner for just under 2,000 people.

Chip: How did you get to be the chair at the Basket Brigade?

Louise: I attended the London Basket Brigade in 2018. I was living in London and I spent Christmas alone that year and so I had set a challenge for myself to volunteer at one community event a week leading up to Christmas.

In 2013 I lost my Mum suddenly of a heart attack and so being around family events always lights me up.

The London Basket Brigade was an incredible experience and I found myself so in awe of what had been created, and I watched as families and friends bonded in beautiful meaningful ways.

In July, I moved back home to Glasgow and I was looking for a Basket Brigade to be involved in locally. But I couldn’t find one, so I contacted the Tony Robbins Foundation to find out if it was possible to set one up in Glasgow. 

I posted on the local Glasgow Facebook group called Glasglow Girls to share my idea and from that received 420 comments and 200 emails in less than 24 hours, with support offered for everything I needed and so that same day I made the decision and registered the Glasgow chapter. 

That week I put together a leadership team. Two weeks later we opened for registrations (volunteers), nominations (recipients of baskets) and donations on the 5th of November. 

One week after that we had signed up over 400 volunteers and were well on our way. Our campaign went viral and spread really quickly. 

Last Thursday was our one month anniversary since launch - it has been mind-blowing how much we have achieved and what’s been made possible in such a short period of time.

Chip: What is your favourite part of working with the brigade?

Louise: Being part of something so miraculous.

The energy, the love, the care, the generosity has been mind-blowing. From the time given by our incredible leadership team, to local business support in terms of product and money donations, to individuals support and fundraising. It's really helped me feel the Christmas magic.


Chip: So, what drew you to download Chip to help you save?

Louise: I love Chip and how easy it is, and I especially resonate with the brand and the novelty of it – it feels fun. 

I don’t often have much trust for apps that integrate with my finances, but I trusted Chip instantly. I tell all my friends about it. 

Chip: What spiritual wisdom can you bestow on anyone considering downloading Chip? 

Louise: Download it now.

You won’t miss the money from your account and you’ll soon have a stash of funds. It’s great if you have any psychological blocks around money management. 

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