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December 17, 2021

Chip Saver Stories | Meet Nic

Who can resist dog content? Definitely not us.

When Nic, a police officer from Manchester, got in touch to tell us how he had saved up with Chip to purchase his first family dog, after managing to persuade his wife after 14 years of trying, we had to take him up on the offer! 

If you’re looking at investing in a little furry companion but are fretting over the cost, read how Nic made it happen with Chip.

Hey Nic, before we get into it, tell us how you heard about Chip? 

My brother had been using Chip for a while, and when I saw how much he had managed to save up I was very jealous and had to download it asap! I have now been using it for a few years and love it.

I’ve since got my whole family hooked on Chip, including my technophobic dad and he’s already passed the £2,000 savings mark!

Before Chip I didn't really save; I kept a small bit of money in a savings account, but what I love about Chip is you forget about the app for a while, and then when you check your balance you think ‘holy smokes how have I saved that amount!'

What did you originally set out to save for?

The goal was always to ensure we had enough money saved to cover the cost of making sure our two girls got things that they want, as kids can cost a fortune!

We continuously save as there is always something, school music instruments, birthdays and parties, always saving for the children!

But ultimately we wanted to save £1,000 for a puppy. 

Meet Oakley.

Okay, tell us about the puppy…

I have been trying to convince my wife we should get a family dog for 14 years.

I've finally cracked her, and we found the perfect dog, which the breeder is charging £1,000 for. 

We are sharing the cost of the dog between myself and my wife, with a saving goal of £500 from me and £500 for my wife, who is also using Chip to help save.

I am on £432 now, so not far to go!

We are picking up the puppy (Oakley) this December! 

So, what’s next? 

My wife is 50 next year and I have so many ideas.

Unfortunately, it's going to cost the earth, so this Christmas I’ve sacrificed presents and just asked for money from anyone and everyone so I can make sure she gets what she deserves. (After all this she better buy me a nerf gun).

Go on, feed our egos, what is your favourite thing about Chip? 

I can’t say enough good things about the Chip app. Fantastic.

The customer service has always been brilliant 

I’ve said so many times, Chip is the best app that you can forget.

Then you open it and see there is so much money in there you get to play with. Brilliant.

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