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Meet the future of Chip

Published on
September 8, 2022
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Our vision for Chip is to build wealth for this generation. We want to enable our valued users to strive for financial greatness, to seek to build their long-term wealth, all within one simple app. 

I’m delighted to introduce to you our new membership plans, and the next evolution of our vision for Chip. Each of our paid membership plans will now be a fixed price. One clear price, encompassing all our benefits. All you have to do is choose the membership tier that’s right for you.

These new membership plans will be released over the coming months. Firstly, I would like to make clear that the basic plan of Chip is still free to access. 

On ChipX however, one of the fundamental changes from the Chip Basic plan is the complete removal of platform fees.

We do not believe percentage fees are transparent, and that they penalise users for building long-term wealth. They can seem immaterial at a glance - this is not the case over years of long-term wealth-building. We want to change this. 

This change means that you can invest as much as you want, and the fee will remain fixed. In order to enable this, the membership fee will rise, in keeping with the upgrades and improvements being made to the service, as well as being in line with the current market costs.

We will also be introducing further plans from 2023, offering an enhanced wealth-building experience: More tax wrappers; more funds; managed portfolios; even a Private Banking plan for our elite users. As always, we will be working closely with our communities to build the wealth-building platform that they want to see, that helps them reach their goals. There will be more information to come in the coming weeks. Until then, the details of the changes can be found below.

Our vision is to offer a wealth management platform with a simple, clear and understandable model, with unlimited access to the features that we’ll be rolling out. 

ChipX is the future of Chip: An ISA with zero platform fees; leading savings accounts; investment funds managed by the biggest fund managers on the planet; access to our groundbreaking Alternative Assets platform, democratising access to asset classes that have previously been unimaginable; and of course, our renowned savings tools. All working in harmony to build your wealth, without having to lift a finger.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. 



Tax wrappers: General Investment Account
Build your long-term wealth, free of charge. For those who want great savings accounts, and access to basic investment funds.
Access to leading saving accounts
General Investment Account with a selection of funds
FTSE 100, S&P 500 and BlackRock Mixed Investment Funds (annual platform fee of 0.5%)
Investment Funds managed by BlackRock (annual platform fee of 0.5%)
Prize Savings Account 
Save without feeling it with our award winning AI-powered automatic saving (45p per autosave)
Build wealth yourself and program recurring saves into any account in our new Savings Plans (25p per save)
2 free withdrawals per month
Get started
Either £4.99 every 28 days (paid annually at £65.05) or £5.99 every 28 days (paid monthly)
Tax wrappers: General Investment Account, Stocks & Shares ISA
One of the most comprehensive wealth management tools on the market. Adds full access to our range of investment funds, with no platform fees in either a GIA or ISA, as well as exclusive access to our Alternative Assets platform.
Zero platform fees
Zero trading fees
Zero withdrawal fees
Additional entries into our Prize Savings Account (TBC)
Stocks & Shares ISA
General investment account with a selection of funds
Access to leading saving accounts
All the investment funds from the basic plan plus: Ethical funds, Commodity funds, thematic funds, Crypto Companies Fund and BlackRock actively managed funds
Unlimited free usage of our AI-powered autosaving and recurring saves
Unlimited withdrawals
Unlimited access to Alternative Assets like whisky, wine and classic car investing
Get started
Chip Wealth
Tax wrappers: General Investment Account, Stocks & Shares ISA, Junior ISA
Build your long-term wealth, at every stage of your life. Access to everything from the previous tiers, we will be looking to add JISAs, managed portfolios and more in the future.
Everything from previous tiers +
More complex investment products, more tax wrappers, managed portfolios, Income Funds and much more
Early access to Alternative Assets like whisky, wine and classic car investing.
For these plans we’ll be working closely with our communities to iron out the details. Get involved in the discussion on the community forum here
The ChipX savings account
Coming 2023
Chip Private Banking
Tax wrappers: Everything from the previous tiers
We’re building an invitation-only Private Banking experience. Supercharge your experience with professional account managers, wealth coaching services, and elite rewards programs for our most exclusive tier.
Everything from previous tiers +
Access to an account manager who helps you get the most out of your accounts
Full, unlimited and premier access to every product, tax wrapper and feature Chip offers
Access to exclusive events and talks with high profile investment experts
Metal membership card that unlocks airport lounges, queue jumps at every UK airport, free Uber upgrades… and much more
Coming 2023