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October 31, 2019

Money horror stories 👻

Readers beware, these stories will have you clutching your bank card and changing your login faster then we can ask ‘do you want to play a game?’.

👻 Happy Halloween, ghoulies! 👻

We’ve left the tricks on the kitchen table today to bring you a delectable treat in the form of some truly terrifying money stories, because:

(a) we’re a bunch of festive ferrets, and;

(b) money can be scarier than any poltergeist when not handled correctly.

I  am also fairly confident there is a large population who would rather perform an exorcism than lose their purse.

So, before we put ourselves into a self-induced coma from inhaling all the snack-sized Maltesers we bought for ‘the children’, sink your fangs into some grim tales of financial misfortune from our Chipmunks and our Chip team.

Leena, Operations Analyst at Chip

I once got scammed out of £200 on Facebook marketplace when trying to buy a new iPhone. After I realised I was NOT getting a nearly new iPhone X for £750 (I only paid a third before getting the phone, thankfully..), I messaged the guy through FB and tried to reason with him by reminding him that we're both Muslim and he can't do his religion sister like this. Best believe I was blocked...
I still cry about that £200, plus the following £800 I spent on a brand new iPhone the next day…
Worth it for the selfies though?

Stuart and The Call

I am genuinely interested in knowing percentage of horror narratives that involve a phone call -  cue the iconic ghost face killer voice.

Adam, Lead iOS Developer @ Chip

My mate once spent £6K on a virtual celebrity (XXXTentation) in this bubble called ‘crypto celebs’. He hoped to sell him on for profit but the bubble burst.

Dan and the Tale of the Mysterious Diet Pills

Clones, magic pills and a vanishing: all the ingredients for a goosebump-inducing story.

Niamh, Product Owner at Chip

Lost my card in middle of Christmas shopping like 3 days before Christmas - couldn’t get a replacement card and could not find a Bank in Dublin were I could get cash out as there is no cash desks anymore - had to borrow money from family as no other options back than.

Scott and the carnivorous ATM

Vote to change the definition of ATM to Appetite Towards Money?

Alex, CMO at Chip

A few years ago, I woke up to an email from Facebook saying “your ad has been successfully posted!“. I thought this was weird as I haven’t used my personal Facebook ad account since Uni (don’t ask why). Anyway, I said, ‘meh must be a mistake I’ll check it when i get to work.’

By the time I got to work, I had successfully funded £2000 worth of advertising for a Chinese skincare brand. Hackers had somehow accessed my Facebook overnight and promoted ads through my personal ad account linked to my debit card. I hope they have nice skin…

While money has the power to spark joy, it also boasts the ability to create some pretty spooky situations.

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