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April 29, 2020

Money tips from Boomers

We can laugh in agreement at all the 'OK boomer' memes we want, but our parents do impart some wisdom for us millennial seeking healthy finances.

The Baby Boomer generation (those now aged 55 to 75) cop a lot of flack for belittling younger generations for their 'frivolous' spending, claiming the lavish breakfasts and Contiki trips are to blame for unattainable house affordability and crippling education debt.

However, while the economic climate and market is oh so very different now, there are some nuggets of relevance we can take from our elder's money habits and apply today.

A few months ago, we published a blog collating money tips from kids under 10 which were amusing, but practical? Not so much.

So, we’re looking at the other side of the spectrum, the mum and dads who raised us lot. After-all, Chip wouldn’t be here without them.

Krish, Community and Social Media Executive

Krish's Pops suggests calling on the help of a responsible other to prevent you from unnecessary spending.

'Essentially, I transfer money into my Dad's account every month and he keeps it safe for me, this is my emergency fund,' Krish says.

'I still have ISAs and my Chip account, but i literally can't touch the money in my Dad's account unless I ask him and will only do that when I really need it - i'm not gonna be like 'but Dad, i really want a pint'!

Transfer money into the account of someone else if you can.

Tali, Head of operations

Like Adam's mum, Tali's dad is loaded with sound advice, notably offering tips on your mortgage repayments.

Overpay your mortgage even if it is a few pounds a month. Time goes very quickly; before you blink, 10 years has gone by and £10 saved a week will be 5200, plus interest.

Dana, Office Manager

Dana's parents suggest trying your hand at investing. Be sure to do your research before you jump in on putting all your money into bitcoin.

Invest in shares, bonds and property.

Adam, Lead iOS Developer

Adam's ma has a 'wealth' of wisdom when it come to being clever with your previous pounds.

Always live within your means and think before you spend - i you don't need it, don't buy it. 
Try also save something every month, even if it’s just a small amount, go for a regular save and don’t touch it.

Sheridan, Content Writer

While they’re a few years shy of the ‘boomer’ age range, I thought i’d ask my parents, too, for their top tip.

We try and reduce the interest we are charged by putting our savings into our home loan. If required we can withdraw from our surplus funds.

Niamh, Product Owner

Niamh’s parents' advice is simple, catchy, and worthy of a badly designed graphic re-shared by three of your aunts on Facebook. To translate, be mindful not to waste small amounts of money, they will eventually add up.

Watch the pennies and the pounds will watch themselves.

Chris, Senior Platform Engineer 

Chris's ma is open and honest. Direct debit? If only there was an app that did that...

I’ve never been a great saver! However, if you set up a regular debit from your income so that you never have it then you never miss it. Try save slightly more than you think you can afford.

Tom, Head of Content

Tom's old man urges us young folk to not wait until it's too late to start thinking about your pension.

It's never too early to take your pension seriously, it's very easy to consolidate multiple pensions too.
Offset mortgages are also a good way to effectively save at your mortgage rate, and unlike overpaying your mortgage, you can get the money back if you ever need it.


Liam, Product Designer

Liam’s ‘Mam’ says getting savvy with premium bonds are the way to go. Premium Bonds are an investment product issued by National Savings and Investment (NS&I), where the interest paid is determined by a monthly prize draw (MoneySavingExpert).

Just put away a set amount each month into a separate account, like Chip, or premium bonds.

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