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May 27, 2020

No commute? This is how Chip savers are using their would-be travel money

The walk to the living room office is helping Brits save big - so what are we doing with it all?

We asked our Chipmunks how much they would usually spend on average each month on their work commute, and how they’re using this spare money.

The answers made me much more appreciative of my fee-free journey to the couch each morning. 

Not only are we gaining an hour or so in the morning and evenings, some Chipmunks are left with as much as £450 a month. 

So, calculate your usual monthly spend and pop it into a separate Chip goal for something just for you when we return to work. Think: flying first class. 

£200pcm saved towards a backyard blitz

Our gardens have never looked so green. With extra time and extra money, Sarah is doing what thousands of Brits are doing across the country (judging by the lines outside the nursery and hardware stores on weekends). 

£320pcm saved towards a hot tub

Ahh, just imagine finishing work on a Friday, pouring yourself a mimosa and starting the jets in your own hot tub. Who says you need to travel outside your own house for a vacation - Sam’s created her own oasis. 

£170pcm saved towards a new TV

Our very own Head of Customer Success, Harry, is saving a pretty decent sum and so been able to by a new TV - perfect for the substantial increase of Netflix we’ve all been watching. 

£228pcm saved towards a sewing machine 

Oooft! Not only is Nyika out of a huge commute time, she’s been able to redirect travel funds towards a home office, ISA and new sewing machine. 

£240pcm saved for a rainy day

Now more than ever, creating a financial buffer for when the unexpected happens is so important. Janine has used the money she would ordinarily spend on office lunches and fuel to build a safety net fund.

£400pcm saved to pay off debt

With less outgoing expenses, especially a hefty 400 bill on transport, Matt has been able to get on top of owings. 

£200pcm saved on lunch alone gone towards a dinner saviour 

Dinner at home isn’t as boring when you have your own pizza oven. While Rachel still has her commute costs as a tube driver, she says her husband hasn’t been spending on lunches and coffees. Now all I can think about is mozzarella. 

£300pcm saved towards a house deposit 

A positive to come from lockdown is that we are able to save more, more often towards big, exciting goals - like a house deposit! 

£424pcm saved to build a ‘just in case’ fund

A whopping amount saved due to working from home, Andrew is using the spare money as a contingency plan if he faces unemployment. Let’s be more like Andrew. 

£100pcm saved towards a virtual racing wheel

Philip, I didn’t know I needed a virtual racing wheel until you said it. Virtual driving beats driving peak hour any day. Mario kart games have been revolutionised. 


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