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August 3, 2020

Six of the best Chip saver stories ever.

Our absolute, without a doubt, hands down, all-time favourite part of our job here at Chip is hearing the heartwarming, tear-jerking, grin-inducing stories from our savers. 

If you have yet to go down the spiral of our #ChipSaverStories series, we’ll let you slack off at work for the next hour to immerse yourself in inspiring stories from Chip savers all over the country. 

Now, a little disclaimer here: we love all our story submissions in equal measure, so choosing a handful was difficult - we feel that maybe this is what it's like to be asked which is your favourite child.

But, we have word limits to adhere to, thus, can only give you some of the profound tales.

To read the remaining few (they’re very, very good), head to the Sauce and tap the ‘Saver Stories’ tab. 

Meet Remy

Technically, Remy is the puppy's name, but we had two Lucys to feature in this blog, so we decided to improvise. Lucy’s new Dachshund, Remy, is the little slice of heaven we couldn’t leave confined to our inboxes. 

Hear it from Lucy:

I didn’t think I could afford to save but when I found the settings options to be able to adjust the amount that gets saved, I thought I would see what happens as I could always withdraw it back.

Meet Jamie

Unfortunately, life can't be all puppies, all the time. Sometimes, really shitty things happen. In this saver story, while a tough one to read, we wanted to highlight that saving money isn't always about holidays or weddings or ridiculously big TVs. We want to educate our users, and everyone else, that having a fund for your future, or a fund for a safety net, is non-negotiable.

Jamie found themselves in this position when they suddenly lost their sister and wanted to help her family out in their darkest hour.

Hear it from Jamie:

My Chip account has meant I don’t have to worry about my contribution; I don't have to worry about how long I need to spend off work to grieve, and I don't need to worry about supporting my brother-in-law and nephews.

Meet Elizabeth

Coronavirus hasn’t just kept us indoors, it keeps us away from our loved ones. Elizabeth’s story was particularly touching, writing to us to share how she planned to use Chip to help her afford a plane ticket to visit her grandpa.

Hear it from Liz:

I have managed to nearly save £500 and need about another £500 to be able to go and visit my grandad in Ecuador. I’m hoping to go in December this year, hopefully when COVID-19 has settled down! 

Meet Lucy

The next time you’re tempted to complain about the number of Zoom calls you have today while still working from home, read Lucy’s story. 

Lucy works in emergency services, which ordinarily is a demanding job, but add a global pandemic? Mad. 

Hear it from Lucy:

As I am working front line in the emergency services in this current pandemic, I can't spend any time [with my partner] as I have to isolate for my work and am currently living apart, so I am planning on spending a lovely 10 days in Mauritius (if that happens is another thing!). If not, it just gives me more time to save so there is always a positive out of a negative isn't there!

Meet Emma

Chip saver, Emma, is now solely responsible for all of our unrealistic wedding expectations. 

I mean, her and her partner, Dino, eloped to Colorado in the USA for a 'short yet beautiful' ceremony in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Hear it from Emma:

I couldn’t bring myself to save previously and didn’t know the best way to do it. I don't always remember to do things manually, so the less I have on my to-do list the better.

Meet Hannah

With the recent travel restrictions and event cancellations unfolding, we thought we’d share all the positive ways people are using their Chip funds now, despite it not being exactly what they had planned. 

We took five with Chip saver, Hannah, to see how she's coping through lockdown, and how she plans to spoil her daughter when all the madness is over.

Hear it from Hannah:

I had to go a short while without work as I couldn't start my new job right away so had to go another month without being paid, which is hard for someone without any money saved! To save money, I've started batch-cooking and no treats - essential spending only. I go around the house switching off every plug and every light; anything to try and save electricity wherever possible!

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