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October 23, 2019

The top eight money tips, according to Chipmunks

We’re taking a break from writing and letting our savers do the talking. While we kick up and re-watch Fleabag for the 16th time, read the top eight money tips suggested by our ChipMunks.

#1 Small habits die hard

How does the saying go? A little Chip goes a long way? You will be surprised by the return on sacrificing one or two purchases a week.

“Instead of buying a coffee I’ve put that money in Chip instead. It’s been a mini competition with myself to make conscious decisions on [swapping] the small things I’d normally buy and instead deciding to save that money.”

From Matt Roberts

#2 Pay yourself first

We’re all guilty of succumbing to the baller mindset that manifests every time our pay hits our account. Resist the urge to splurge next payday and pay yourself first up.

“Make sure you save on or the day after payday. Taking out money before you have had the chance to miss it means you don’t notice you are squirreling away money on a regular basis.”

From Daniel Brunton

#3 Make a list and stick to it

We know to never shop hungry in respect of sticking to healthy eating. Now Lara suggests never shopping without list in respect of sticking to your financial goal.

“Make a food shopping list and only buy what’s on there. With that one decision, we reduced our shopping bill by the equivalent of two additional shops a month! You can always get top up items, but planing your meals as a family is fun and financially sensible.”

From Lara Horrax

#4 The ol’ round up trick

A few cents here, a few cents there. We love Rosemary’s round up hack.

“When Chip take out my auto save, I then do a manual save rounding it up to the next pound.”

From Rosemary Valente

#5 Look back at it

Some famous old guy once said: ‘fail to plan and you plan to fail.’ Katherine recommends whipping out the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and finding out exactly where your £££ is going.

“Spend an hour going over your last month’s expenditure. From there you can see how to budget for the next month and also check where you’re spending unnecessarily.”

From Katherine Young

#6 BYO lunch

Skip the routine Deliveroo to desk order and opt for homemade. If you find yourself strapped for time, meal prepping on a Sunday is a habit to make stick.

“One of the easiest [ways to save] is to take food from home for lunch everyday. A fiver a day on a bought lunch soon adds up!”

From Sarah Baddeley

#7 Goals, goals, goals

Putting money aside is far more exciting when you’ve got somewhere to save for. Whether it’s money for Christmas like Sam, or money for a New Year getaway (like me), put a label on your savings and watch your motivation increase alongside your account balance.

“I set goals in my Chip account. I am a childminder and take weeks Christmas holidays. I’ve got [goals titled] ‘Christmas Week 1’ and ‘Christmas Week 2’ and I’ll only spend what I’ve saved for each week.
“Giving the goals names makes it easier to resist the urge to spend it.”

From Sam Clarke

#8 A penny a day…

Keep the piggy bank alive! Make emptying your wallet or pockets contents part of your night routine and watch your money grow!

“When you get home, put any spare coins in a pot. They mount up surprising quick!”

From Sarah Andrews

And there you have it, eight hot tips you can use to save bigger and better, courtesy of our ChipMunks.

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