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May 1, 2019

Things not as fast as instant saves

As part of the shiny new  Chip 2.0 update you can move money in and out of your Chip account instantly.

To get instant saves. You just need to connect your card. Open Chip and head to:

Account > Connected account > Bank card

Then add the debit card linked to the bank account you've connected to Chip. Easy. Fast. Instant.

But what does fast mean? You need a reference point to understand it. So check out these fast things, that are still slower than our instant saves.

Usain Bolt 🏃🏿

The world’s fastest human, Olympic gold medallist, Usain Bolt set the 100 metre world record at 9.58 seconds, and his absolute fastest recorded speed was 29.55 mph.

That’s absurdly fast for a human, but much slower than everything else on this list, and doesn’t come near how fast our instant save feature is (also, whilst he’s a stand-up guy, I’m sure he’s got better things to do than run around delivering your cash).

Cheetah 🐈

As every child, on every playground ever knows, the Cheetah is the fastest animal on earth, clocking in at 75 mph going at full speed.

However, even  if you were to duct tape your cash to a cheetah, give it a slap on the backside and send it tearing towards ChipHQ, it still wouldn’t be as fast as connecting your card to Chip and enjoying instant saves.

Mantis Shrimp 🦐

OK so this funky little sea creature isn’t the fastest animal, but it gets an honourable mention as the fastest accelerating animal, as it’s able to flick out its claws at 51 mph from a standing start, that’s an accelerating force of 10,400g (basically the same as a cannon).

But even if you got one of these amazing critters to flick over pound coins to us, it’d still be slower than our instant saves.

Peregrine Falcon 🦅

So the fastest animal is actually a peregrine falcon on an attack dive, blasting down through the sky at a ludicrous 242 mph, there’s no chance of anything out-pacing a falcon…

Unless it’s one of our instant saves. Even the fastest animal alive can’t catch your money as it moves back and forth between your Chip account.

Bugatti Veyron 🏎️

The beautiful Bugatti Veyron is the fastest street-legal production car in the world, with a top speed of 268 mph.

It’ll set you back at least a cool £1 million to buy, and given you probably still need to obey traffic laws, there’s probably no way you can get your money to and from Chip faster than using our instant saves.

Though, we will concede this is a much more stylish way for your money to travel.

Amazon Prime 📦

We don’t know how they do it (we feel it’s probably better to not ask Alexa too many questions about how they do it, if you want to sleep at night and keep enjoying the hyper fast deliveries), but there’s no getting away from the fact that Amazon Prime is ludicrously fast.

And they’re getting faster - their new experimental drone powered Prime Air promises a ridiculously fast 30 minute delivery time!

But, guess what, even if you got an Amazon drone to fly your money directly to Chip HQ, it’s still not as fast as instant saves.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 🚀

This cold war spy plane is the fastest plane ever built, back when it flew, it hit speeds over three times the speed of sound (Mach 3). Whilst the Blackbird’s top speed is still classified, its fastest recorded speed was 2,189.9 mph.

But even if you were to get elected US President, pull the Blackbird fleet out of retirement, hand your cash to a trusted pilot, and send them on a beeline for the Chip office (we’ll assume you could land this thing on Shoreditch High Street), it still wouldn’t come near to how fast instant saves are.

The Millennium Falcon 🛸

So, the fastest ship from a galaxy far far away, and a long time ago, could theoretically beat our instant saves, because the Millennium Falcon does strictly speaking travel faster than the speed of light.

This means some funky things could potentially happen with time travel and the like.

Let’s say you were to get Han and Chewie to deliver your money to Chip, it could lead to the kind of confusing things like the Millennium Falcon landing in the heart of Shoreditch with your money before you sent it.

And that just wouldn’t really be practical… so… just connect your card and enjoy instant saves that way!

How to get instant saves working ⚡

It's very, very, very easy. Just open Chip and head to:

Account > Connected account > Bank card

And add the debit card linked to the bank account you've connected to Chip.

You can also just take a picture of it instead of faffing around typing out your card details. The future is now.

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