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March 23, 2020

Things that aren’t Netflix to keep you from going insane in self isolation

It’s when you’ve dismissed the ‘Are you still watching?’ message for the fourth time in one sitting that helps you come to the realisation: you really need a new hobby. 

At Chip (wfh) HQ, we’ve created a ‘quarantine crafts’ communication channel where we share what we’re doing to keep in good spirits through the transition to staying indoors.

With the challenge of finding something that can be satisfied within the parameters of your own home, we thought we’d help you out with ideas to prevent you from resorting to cutting yourself bangs, or aimlessly scrolling through Instagram for seven consecutive hours to keep yourself entertained.

1. Get cookin’

You’ve got a lot of pasta, a lot of tinned beans, and a lot of time. Since you won’t be dining out for a while, bring the restaurant experience home. 

Set a recipe challenge among your friends, order a new cookbook, have a themed flat dinner party, attempt your first Sunday roast or recreate your favourite menu item.

For me, I’m going to learn how to make dumplings from scratch. I’m also going to soon learn that I am a very bad cook and I should stick to writing.  

2. Learning a new language

Emerge from isolation fluent in a new dialect, not just a vitamin D deficiency. 

Babbel or Duolingo are popular picks if you want to brush up on a few of those phrases of Spanish you’ve clung to from high school.

3. ...or learn something about everything else

Universities are offering free lectures, as well as endless online resources to learn how to code; how to use Photoshop; how to read tarot cards; magic trick tutorials. 

4. Not your average home workout

So you can’t attend your regular group training session or spin class, see this as a chance to switch things up. If you want to level up from body weight exercise, start by ordering home workout equipment like resistance bands, skip ropes and hand weights. 

If you were a pilates fanatic, get yourself a pilates circle and mat and practice some floor work. Boxing more your thing? Order some mitts and pads and square up with your partner or flat mate. There is no shortage of workout plans and videos online to keep you motivated and blood pumping.

5. Annnnnd stretch

Yep, yoga. Everyone’s doing it, so you might as well see what all the fuss is about.

You don’t need any equipment, it helps dissipate mental health, gets your body moving after undoubtedly being hurled up in a pretzel shape with your laptop on the couch for eight hours. 

6. Meditation is a must

Amidst the rapid change to the world as we know it together with the distressing news headlines inundating our feeds, we have to make a conscious effort to protect our mental health. 

Along with limiting social media and phone use, scheduling daily meditations either in the morning or evenings, can work magnitudes for stress relief. Meditation takes practice, so start with just five or 10 minutes a day, and work your way up from there. 

A little reminder here seems fitting to remember to take the time to check in on your friends and family. 

7. Paint something pretty

Tali, Head of Operations, painting of her pup!

A very cathartic way to pass the time, take advantage of the fact the sun has come out and, if possible, get outdoors with a canvas and some paint. They can double as great gifts in the future, too! Never too early to start thinking about Christmas...

8. Start a book club

Escape reality and sink into a new read - or the read that lays unopened on your shelf for a significant amount of time.  

When you’ve been looking at a screen all day, sometimes you need to change up the medium and give your poor retinas a break from all the blue light. 

Involve your pals and regroup at the end of the week, it’ll keep you accountable and encourage you to keep at it. If it’s not their thing, check out some online book clubs!

9. Virtual pub crawls/ pub quizzes

ZOOM, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Houseparty, Skype, Facetime, Slack - there are no shortage of group video chat mediums to share a secluded beverage with your mates with. 

Try master drinking games remotely, trivia, or just all down a bottle of wine and I’m sure the innovations will flow.  

10. Marie Kondo the house

It’s time to strip bare the closet, organise ‘that’ draw, and explore the depths of your pantry. Declutter your space, declutter the mind, or something like that. 

11. Zen-ify your space

You are going to be spending a lot of time at home, so spend some time making it every bit a Pinterest-worthy sanctuary. 

Order some plants, a print two; a desk to work from; some heavenly scented candles; new bed linen. Do what you need to do to make your space one that you don’t actually mind spending 24/7 in.  

12. Bring back the board games

I can only assume PlayStation, Xbox and The Sims sales have skyrocketed, but why not take it offline and blow the dust off from the board games. 

In confinement, Monopoly may be risky when there is no escape, but peruse through the 

If you have already developed cabin fever, don’t forget this is only temporary. There will come a time where the restaurants will reopen, the pubs will be bustling again, football games will continue, festivals will go ahead and you will be able to freely enjoy your friend and families company. 

If you are using your Chip funds to fuel your entertainment or living situation for the next little while, I’d love to hear from you! Email me at

A good way to keep positive amid all the bad news, is to think what you'd want to do and where you want to go once all this is over. Just think if you've already saved up for a big trip or something special this year, what you'll be able to do next year. 

A portion of the Chip crew in the new office

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