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February 20, 2020

Top 10 Most Saved for Holiday Destinations in 2020 

We found the the top destinations you made goals for, and then calculated just how long it’ll take you to save to get there with Chip autosaves.

At a time where we have resorted to putting an image of the sun as our screensaver, and our tan has faded to a colour that almost qualifies as albino, we bring you a momentary escape.

Holidays are by far the most saved for goal made with Chip, and so we wanted to know just which travel destinations you were jetting off to in 2020. 

And if you still find your self with a nameless goal, waiting for a foreign city to pin to it, we've calculated how long it would take to reach the top 10 cities just through Chip's autosave magic, so you can work

We took the current average autosave amount, £18.60, against the average price of flights to help you get out of work and on a plane.

#1 New York

Why go here: Just to walk the streets in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Great, too, if you have insomnia - word on the street, no one sleeps here. 

Flights: If you’re wanting to jet over for the more pleasant months (April to June and September to November), you’re looking at £230 - £300. However, if you want to see the ball drop in the Big Apple, flights closer to Christmas and New year are between £400 and £500

How long it’ll take you to save: It'll take approximately 17 autosaves to hit £300., and seeing as autosaves usually occur every four days, you should hit your goal in around 10 weeks!

#2 Amsterdam 

Why go here: A ‘damn’ good place to vacate to, Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world. Even if you aren’t keen to try the ‘local produce’, the canal lined houses will still have you in a daze. Insider tip: Coffee Shops and cafes are two very different things in Amsterdam. Google it.  

Flights: can be as cheap as £34. But averages out at £50. 

How long it’ll take you to save: It'll take approximately 3 autosaves to accumulate £50, so in two weeks, you’re there!

#3 Australia

Why go here:  Escape to the land down under for great beaches, great banter, great coffee and great food. Am I biased? Completely. Insider tip: travellers often neglect Australia's west coast - don’t. Hire a van and coast from Esperance to Karijini, and be sure to stop all along the way.

Flights: November is the best month to travel to Oz, with flights starting at £611.

How long it’ll take you to save: You'll need around 33 autosaves to afford flights, so allow 19 weeks, or just under 5 months. 

#4 Florida

Why go here: Arguably the most superior Disneyland in the world. I don’t want to hear ‘you’re 30, grow up’. No one outgrows Disney. Four theme parks, two water parks. 

Flights: Averages at around £350. However, you can get flights as cheap as £290 if you’re savvy. 

How long it’ll take you to save: Around 19 autosaves will get you to £350, so you'll be one step closer to the happiest place in the world in under 11 weeks. 

#5 Japan 

Why go here: Japan does not even belong on Earth - it is a world of its own. From the experimental food, the bright lights and straight-up cleanliness, to the dogs in weird costumes and outfits that tiptoe socially acceptable. Insider tip: don’t miss the Robot Restaurant. 

Flights: April is the best time to go to catch Cherry Blossom season, loosely save £500. 

How long it’ll take you to save: You'll need around 27 autosaves to reach £500, which mean in 15 weeks, just under 4 months, you'll be googling top dumpling houses.

#6 Paris

Why go here: The romance. Not with your supposed travel partner. But with the cheese. The croissants. The eclairs. The pigeons. Insider tip: my favourite memory of paris was hiring a bike, picking up a fresh baguette and a pastry, and cycling down to the Seine river’s edge. 

Eurail: Trains from London start from £44.36.

How long it’ll take you to save: 3 autosaves, meaning in just under two week you could be saying 'au revoir' to your colleagues.

#7 Thailand

Why travel here: The epitome of a tropical island getaway. Freshly carved coconuts and £3 Pad Thai? Take my Baht. Insider tip: immerse yourself in the insect-as-food culture and try some friend crickets. I can confirm they taste like popcorn. Insider tip: Don’t spend all your time in Bangkok and Phuket as it’s known to be quite seedy. I recommend starting off in Koh Samui. Divine, just divine, darling.  

Flights: The best time to travel is October to Feb. The cheapest flights in November were £222, but aim for £300 just to be safe. 

How long it’ll take you to save: 17 autosaves. 10 weeks, 2 and a half months. 

#8 Dubai

Why travel here: The city that really is the best of both worlds: beach, dessert and the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Insider tip: Frolic in the Dubai Miracle Garden - your nana would be disappointed if you didn't. 

Flights: If you travel in September, you’re looking at around £280. In high season, say around December, you can pay from £350. 

How long it’ll take you to save: On average, it will take approximately 19 autosaves to reach £350. You'll have Skyscanner open in around 11 weeks, or just under 3 months. 

#9 Rome 

Why go here: So you can overuse the saying ‘when in Rome’, and do questionable things. Like ordering gelato for entree. Insider tip: if you’re on the hunt for the best scoop, Lonely Planet suggest looking for gelaterias, scout out those signed ‘fatto en casa’ (homemade) and artigianale (artisanal). 

Flights: Flights are as cheap as £24 return, but let’s round up to £30.

How long it’ll take you to save: With less than 2 autosaves needed, you’re all paid for in a week.

#10 London

Why go here: If you live outside the country's capital. Insider tip: If you’re looking for a big, boozy, yet cost effective, look no further than the infamous bottomless brunch. For value for money, try Barrio - bottomless burritos (vegan options available) £35. 

Flights/ Rail: Depending on where you’re travelling from, £50 should suffice. 

How long it’ll take you to save: Averaging at around 3 autosaves, you’ll be touching down in London town in less than two weeks.

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