November 8, 2021

Transfer your money to the best rate

The Chip+1 bonus is coming to an end next month, but Chip isn't a normal savings account. We fight to make sure you're beating the market and always earning the best rates.

What's happening?

The Chip+1 bonus is ending on 8th December, but we've made sure you can still earn the market's best easy-access rate.

If you have a Chip+1 account you just need to follow the steps in your app (you'll see a banner on your home screen), and we'll automatically move all the money in your Chip+1 account into the Allica savings account, where you'll earn the market's best rate.

How's Chip making sure I get the best rates?

We're always negotiating with banks to bring you the best savings accounts. So if a rate drops, we're ready with another market-leading rate to take its place.

This time it's our chart-topping savings account powered by Allica Bank, where you earn 0.7% interest p.a. paid daily.

It doesn't get better than that.

What do I need to do?

If you have a Chip+1 account with a balance you can seamlessly move your money in a few taps, just follow the steps in your Chip app.

We won't transfer anything until the Chip+1 bonus ends, in order to maximise the returns you'll earn.

If you don't have a balance in a Chip+1 account you don't need to do anything!

Goodbye Chip+1. Hello Chip Savings Account.

Our accounts powered by ClearBank are changing.

The Chip+1 account is powered by ClearBank, who also power our new default account; the Chip Savings Account. So launching this account means bringing Chip+1 to an end.

But don't worry, if you have Chip+1 you won't be losing your market-leading returns.

If you give us your consent by following the steps in your app, we'll automatically move all of your money into our Allica account, where you'll earn the market's best rate, a 0.70% compounding, daily interest rate.

On top of that, we're also launching the Chip Savings Account which will be our brand-new default account. This will enable us to build lots of new features with rewards and bonuses aplenty!

When investing your capital is at risk

Remember your Capital is at Risk and past performance is not a reliable guide to future returns. The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you might get back less than you originally invested.

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