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February 17, 2020

We asked if you valued money over love, and this is what we found...

Would you rather date a billionaire or a supermodel? Chip surveyed 1,067 Brits to find out what role someone’s income, financial responsibility and credit score play when it comes to attraction.

To encourage you to save, we want to help you understand more about your relationship with money, and how it shapes other relationships.

So, we put together a few saucy questions to find what ranks higher: rock-solid abs or a rock-solid bank account.

We found the vast majority of respondents (70%) would rather find their ideal partner than never worry about money again.

Though interestingly, when asked to choose between looks and finances at their extremes - a billionaire or a supermodel - 88% of you would rather find their Elon Musk (i.e. worth a cool $40 billion), than their David Gandy.

79% of people surveyed also preferred someone who stays on top of their finances over someone who stays in good physical shape. Though, if a frivolous Hemsworth brother came my way, I definitely wouldn’t say no.

While financial responsibility is important, having a partner who earns either significantly less or more than them wouldn't make people feel insecure in their relationship.

Although we'd like to date a billionaire, Brits are pretty realistic when it comes to the ideal income they'd want their partner to have, with the majority (31%) opting for £35,000 - £49,999 bracket. 

Though, to contradict the initial finding that reveals you'd prefer a billionaire over a supermodel, looks still seem to trump financial stability.

We asked you to rank qualities you desire most in a partner from one to ten, and both men and women chose sense of humour as the top quality, and sense of style as the least important attribute. 

Good thing we're ridiculously funny. And good looking. Shocking style, though.

The takeaway?

Being a savvy saver is proven to earn you brownie points in the quest for love, so we suggest you exit Tinder and open Chip. 

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