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July 31, 2020

We've called it: Our top 10 favourite goals sent in by you!

Our savers are a witty bunch.

And funny. And creative. And motivated. Ugh, we're all just so proud.

Earlier in the month, to kick off the release of our new and improved Goals, we gave savers the chance to win £200 straight to their Chip account for uploading their new, personalised goals to Twitter or Instagram and tagging @get_chip #ChipGoals.

After laboriously trawling through all the entries (I truthfully really enjoyed doing this), we narrowed it down to ten stand out submissions.

From there, we did an internal consensus, leaving all but one.

And the winner is....

I mean, someone who puts this much artistic effort deserves the highest level of recognition. It's picture perfect.

Runners up...

My heart will go this goal name

Anyone who executes a Celine Dion pun successfully is a winner in my eyes. No taking chances, here.

2020 house goals

Google street view is the closest a lot us millennials will get to standing on the doorstop of our very own home. This saver's goal summarises our realestate woes perfectly, and we love it.

The king of Discovery Channel in the definition he deserves

Watching a killer whale take out a seal on a very large TV may be distressing, but somehow, David Attenborough's soothing narrations make everything okay in the world.

Destinations over dining

If we were the calculate the amount of money spent on a cheeky Chinese, we'd have a world trip covered. Just think about how much better you'd feel ordering a pizza from a restaurant in Italy, than on your couch, clicking 'I'm still watching' on Netflix for the third time this evening.

Baby got bills.

While having children is rewarding in so many ways, there is no denying they are a bloody big expense.

A very expensive way to pass the time

Puzzles definitely made their comeback during lockdown, but not many have taken it to the 40, 000 piece extreme.

Forward thinking

It's never too early to start thinking about retirement. Well, we'll give you the first eighteen years of your life to relax maybe. Give your retired self the luxury-yacht-cruising life you deserve.

A Gene Kelly approved goal

Chip's here for the sunny days (holidays, 75 inch TVs, newborn sporn), but most importantly, we're here for the gloomier, overcast days. This saver has at least dressed it up harmoniously.

And the friend of the year award goes to...

As someone living in the opposite hemisphere to their best friend, this makes me teary. Okay fine, I'm sobbing. Keep Chipping away, and you and Kaitlin will be together once more!

Up for show and tell?

Share your current goals at @get_chip #ChipGoals on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. we love, love, love seeing what you're saving for. To make sure you don't miss out on the next competition, make sure you're following us, too!

If you've got more of a tale to tell, drop me a line at to share your #ChipSaverStory.

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