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June 3, 2020

What Chip savers plan on doing post-lockdown

With a limit to what we can do outside the house, coupled with some forced down-time, we can’t help but dream of what we’ll do once we’re allowed back out into the wild. 

We vow to never again turn down an afterwork drink, nor take visits to our parents house for granted.

Next year we pledge to take two summers in one, order entrees and dessert and book spontaneous trips more often.

If your post-isolation wishlist is getting a little too overwhelming, take some timeout to read how our Chipmunks plan to spend (or save) their Chip funds post-lockdown. 

Head to toe pampering

Along with the rest of Britain, we’ve been pining to book into our trusted barbers to fix our botched iso-dos, and local salons to salvage our over-sanitised hands. 

Where our self-care or ‘maintenance’ appointments are usually spaced out, we will no doubt be having a very indulgent few days.

Though with the surge in demand, we’ll probably be on a waiting list until 2021...

The weddings must go on

There may be a delay on the ‘I dos’, but you know what they say, lockdowns make the heart grow fonder.

Many couples have had to postpone their wedding celebrations, and all the other events that ensue, making 2021 a very loved up year.

A perk is the little extra money to go towards the wedding, the honeymoon, and stag/hen do.

Putting the big reno plans into action

There is only so much DIY-ing we’re qualified to do.

Our gardens may be well maintained, frames all hung and new bed linen ordered, but when it comes to installing a new door? It’s time for the professionals. 

Tradesman are due for a spike in demand when it returns to business as usual.

Pups, take our money

Free. The. Cute. Dogs. 

Doing anything other than a pub quiz or park visit 

If there is one thing to come from socially distancing, it’s the amount of useless trivia we’ll have when it comes to participating in a real life pub quiz. 

Corona won’t cancel Christmas 

Here is your mid-year reminder to make 2020 the year you don’t leave Christmas to the last minute. 

With a bit of extra time, and perhaps even a little extra money this year, you have no excuse to express shipping a novelty coffee table book three days out. With just over six months until Christmas, it is never too early to start putting money aside. 

Allllllll of the travel

A moment of silence for all the holidays canceled or postponed. 

However, when we’re permitted to venture across the border at our leisure, it’s going to be a trip to remember. 

PS: Be sure to tag us in all of your post-iso, Chip-funded vacations. 

Reuniting with loved ones

Arguably one of the most difficult parts of isolation has been the inability to visit our favourite people.

It has perhaps made us treasure these moments that little bit more, so I can understand why the first ticket out of here for a lot of our savers will be to go give our families a big smooch! 

...Or just keep Chip-ping away.

It is encouraging to hear an overwhelming number of our savers are going to keep their save streak coming. 

We also love seeing people using Chip as their F**k Off fund! 

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