Chip's Valentine's Day Survey - can money buy you love?

The spicy stuff
December 20, 2019


Head of PR

Of course we know money can't buy you love. But we want to know if you find financial responsibility sexy. Answer our short survey to help us find out.

Does someone’s income, financial responsibility and credit score draw you in more than the clothes they wear? Are you more into balanced books than chiseled abs? Do you want poetry and roses every day, or do you want bills paid on time?

With Valentine's day fast approaching, we’re taking a closer look at the role financial stability plays when it comes to attraction. 

Whether you’re single, taken, or in a relationship limbo, we’d love to hear from you! 

Answer honestly, and you could be up for a free £50 in your Chip balance (T&Cs apply).

All answers are kept strictly anonymous.

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