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March 27, 2020

#ChipSaverStories x #SaveAtHome | Meet Carola

Ordinarily, our #ChipSaverStories series showcase exotic holidays, new tattoos or dream weddings.

However, with the recent travel restrictions and event cancellations unfolding, we knew there would be no point asking how you planned to use your Chip funds. 

Instead, we thought we’d share all the positive ways people are using their Chip funds now, despite it not being exactly what they had planned. 

In the first installment of the reinvented #ChipSaverStories, we spoke to Carola (via a nicely socially distanced email), who had planned to use her Chip funds for covering our days out to theme parks on their holiday to Holland to see family for Easter.

My favourite quote from Carola: ‘Well, this whole Coronavirus is a right rascal isn't it!’ 

Take five to read how Carola plans to use her Chip balance to adjust to the new work/school dynamic...

Supporting kids home from school

“Our Chip funds will now need to be spent on laptops for my 12 year old, who started S1 this year, and my nine year old who is in P5.” 

“The remaining will probably be spent on emergency supplies of crisps and snacks to set up a tuck shop.”

A reassuring back up

“My husband works in a supermarket, night shift, so it might be that I will have to take unpaid parental leave to home school and look after the kids so some of that money will also go towards the mortgage.” 

If you have a story to share or inspiration to give, get in touch with me at

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