March 14, 2020

iOS outage

We've solved our iOS outage! (As of 6pm Saturday 14 March)

We encountered a technical display issue on the iOS app on Friday 13th (definitely unlucky for us this time), which has left Chip savers with Apple devices unable to log in.

The engineering team worked tirelessly through the night to find a solution, but the only way we could fix the issue was to release a new version of Chip to the App Store.

Frustratingly this meant we can't make the fix available to our savers on iOS right away, as we had to wait for Apple in San Francisco to expedite the new version of the app (required for any iOS app update).

What next?

You don't need to do anything! If you open Chip you should find it working as per usual.

You should have received an email if you were affected by this outage!

We will also publish a full diagnostic analysis of what happened and why next week. Sorry for not contacting you sooner, but this was a complicated issue and we wanted to be clear with what was happening to avoid any confusion.

A display issue only

And lastly your money is safe, this bug was only in the app's front end and didn't affect anything behind the scenes. But we understand the timing of this was not great and you might be feeling frustrated, we're very sorry for any inconvenience.

How to get in touch

Contact us on if you have any other questions. The team will be available and replying to emails and posts on social media all weekend until this bug is fixed.

If you need to urgently withdraw your money please include the phone number linked to your Chip account and the amount you'd like to withdraw in your email, and our team will process your request manually as soon as possible.

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