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November 15, 2019

Sparkly new additions to the Chip app | November

Despite only being part way through November, Christmas has come early. Within our rucksack of exquisitely wrapped gifts is a heap of new app features to spread the Chip cheer.  

We are constantly looking for ways to improve your experience with Chip, so hit us up with your feedback.

Naughty or nice, enjoy three crafty additions to the Chip app.

Dynamic Saves 

You asked, we listened, wrote notes and took action (nerds). 

Dynamic Saves allow you to customise a save to an amount that suits you. Think of it like the pick n mix of saving. 

If you’ve had a jolt of motivation to reach your savings goal, or have been a little bit too tap-happy, use the + and - to input a value that is more suited. 

Save Skipping

Inside an oblong gift box adorned with a satin bow, we reveal our ridiculously clever new feature, that allows you to skip a save if you’ve been adopting the #TreatYourself approach to spending a little too much lately. 

Postpone your save for a week, two weeks, or pick a day that suits you best - you can postpone saving for up to two months. 

Dark Mode

Just like the winter sky at 4:00pm, Chip is going dark. 

DarkMode is great in countless scenarios: subtly checking your phone in the cinema; moodily brooding in the dark; matching your chic all-black outfit; giving your retinas a rest from the constant white illuminating screen. 

Just head into your phone settings and flick the switch to Dark Mode, and woo-lah - you’ve got a badass new look. Sorry Android users, only available for iOS for now, but stay tuned. 

We’re changing at the speed of 299, 792 458 meters per second (speed of light), so stay tuned for more app updates and features announced over the new-and-improved Chip blog, as well as our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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