Would you go vegan for Christmas Day to save £56.00?

The spicy stuff
December 10, 2019


Content Writer

When you think of a traditional Christmas dinner, the average person would think: turkey, ham, beef wellington… you know, meat. But could ditching the meat save you some £££ as well as saving the planet?

With the number of Brits going vegan growing every year, we thought we'd investigate whether the dietary switch will save pounds in the bank as well as the planet - mistakenly on an empty stomach. 

Festive favourites such mulled wine and cider, cranberry sauce and brussels sprouts already have the green tick of approval, though with the UK launching more vegan products than any other country in 2018, finding a vegan alternative shouldn't be as much as a struggle as fighting that surprisingly strong granny for the last turkey in the supermarket.

We took to Sainsbury's to compare the prices of meaty Christmas essentials to their vegan counterparts for a family of four.

Take a butchers at this butcher - Sainsbury's had a pop-up vegan/veggie butchers shop earlier this year, to showcase all their meat-free produce.

Shopping List Breakdown

Up for the challenge?

If you think you could reinvent your dining table traditions this December 25th, we challenge you to make a manual save to your Chip account of the difference in cost, whether it be the £5.60 you save at the pub, or the £56 in your shop. Think of it like a Christmas present to your future self.

Send us a photo of your shopping receipt or vegan-friendly spread, or tag us in all your #Chipmas shenanigans on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for your chance to have your photo re-shared.

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