Meet Chip 3.0

The Chip you already love. But better. A new enhanced AI, rewards just for staying on track, and access to highly competitive interest rates.

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We’re building something special.

Chip’s AI magic has been a huge success since we launched in 2017.  We’ve helped our savers
collectively put aside well over £120 million without feeling it.

But Chip is a work in progress, and we’ve been hard at work over the past three years improving Chip.

So we’re now ready to unveil Chip 3.0. Chip 3.0 fully realises the power of Open Banking data and machine learning. We combine this powerful new data stack with Chip’s clever tech and disruptive approach to traditional finance, to offer something special.

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Be rewarded as
you save.

We’re redefining returns. With Chip 3.0, you can earn returns as you save, as well as on money you’ve saved up.

And if you really want to take things to the next level, you can get ChipX.

New features

Smarter AI. Radical returns. Market leading interest.

Enhanced AI

Launching spring 2020

Our data science team has built a revolutionary new AI modelled on 200 million transaction records, using machine learning and richer data from Open Banking.

To put it simply: we now have better data, going through a smarter AI, to automatically save the perfect amount for you. And Chip can now learn from your habits, so the longer you use Chip, the smarter Chip gets.

You’re going to save more, but feel it less. It’s magic.

Save Streak bonus

Launching summer 2020

Save Streaks show how many days you’ve gone without skipping an automatic save. We want to reward you as you save up too.

If you don’t skip any auto saves, you’ll earn a 0.25% bonus on everything you’ve automatically saved in the last 90 days.

This radical reimagining of how returns work provides an incentive to people putting in the hard work to save up, not just those who already have big balances.

New & improved goals

Launching autumn 2020

When you tell Chip you want to hit a goal, we’ll make sure you hit your goal.

You’ll be in control. You can add your own images and set your own deadlines. Chip’s enhanced AI will learn from your goals and work out how to best to make it happen.

Interest Accounts

Launching summer 2020

We’ve negotiated access to savings accounts with highly competitive interest rates and FSCS eligibility hosted at partner banks.

We’ll fight to get the best possible rates for Chip savers, by using the collective bargaining power of all our savers’ deposits.

And you’ll be able to top your up your returns with a bonus from Chip by referring friends!

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