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Meet Chip, your wealth app. Save and invest all in one place and take the effort out of building your long-term wealth.

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Join 500,000+ people building real wealth.

Discover ways to build your wealth.

Earn interest, tax-free with our Cash ISA.

Learn more about our 5.10% Cash ISA.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Try our interest rate calculator for a glimpse into the future.

Earn 4.84% AER interest with our Instant Access Account.

No limits, penalties or reduction in your rate for withdrawing.

Dream big each month with the Prize Savings Account.

Win a share of £62.5k of prizes in our monthly prize draw.

Save automatically with our award-winning AI.

Individual T&Cs and eligibility criteria apply for each of these accounts. Charges may apply for certain app features and products.

Pay a low platform fee of 0.25%
on our standard plan.

Or pay 0% platform fees with a ChipX membership. (£5.99 every 28 days).


Invest in funds available on our free plan.

Get started with a simple choice of funds and low fees. Available on our free plan

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Try our Stocks & Shares ISA Calculator for a glimpse into the future.

Save automatically with our award winning AI.

Invest in funds from the biggest asset managers in the world.

Everything from the FTSE100 and clean energy, to US Tech and Gold.

*A monthly or annual ChipX membership fee is required and fund management charges apply.
With investment, your capital is at risk. Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances and
may be subject to change in the future. Charges may apply for certain app features and products.

Earn returns 2x higher than the highest ‘Big Four’ easy-access interest rate.

The Chip Cash ISA is more than just a tax-efficient, flexible, and secure way to save money; it’s been built to help your money grow in a sustainable way that broadens your wider wealth-building portfolio.

Highest of the ‘Big Four’* Cash ISA Accounts
Chip Cash ISA
T&Cs apply. 5.10% AER. Chip account required. *‘Big Four’ refers to: Barclays Instant Cash ISA, Lloyds Cash ISA saver, NatWest Cash ISA, HSBC Cash ISA. Rates vary between 1.21% to 2.50% AER, as of Jan 24 2024. In this calculation we work out how many times greater our Cash ISA 5.10% rate is against the 2.50% HSBC Cash ISA rate. Returns assume that rate remains the same for the year and £10,000 is held in the account with no further deposits or withdrawals.

Savings done your way.

Get your money making money with our range of savings accounts. Whether it’s instant access, tax-free interest or the chance to win prizes, make your goals happen with Chip.

5.01% AER in instant access savings.
Win a share of £62.5k of prizes each month.
Earn interest, tax-free with our Cash ISA.

Automate your wealth with hands-free saving.

All our savings accounts work with our Savings Plans, so you can automatically build your savings without thinking.

You can use both our award-winning Auto-Saving technology and our Recurring Saves feature to build fully customised savings plans. Charges may apply.

You made a save!
You saved £47.24 automatically.

Get your money to work with investing.

At Chip we’re about smart, considered wealth building, not guessing what individual stocks might do. Invest in funds carefully curated by the experts at BlackRock, Vanguard and Invesco.

Pay 0.25% platform fees or 0% with ChipX.
Managed by the biggest asset managers in the world.
Select menu of the UK’s most popular investment funds.

All our savings accounts are FSCS protected.

Every savings account we offer is provided by UK authorised banks. Deposits made into these accounts are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), ensuring government-backed protection up to £85,000 per bank.

Pricing plan

Pick the membership plan that's right for you. Get started for free or level up with ChipX with a 28 day free trial. Then pay £5.99 every 28 days (paid monthly) or £65.05 paid (annually).

Basic plan
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ChipX plan
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General Investment Account
Access to competitive savings accounts
Stocks & Shares ISA
45p per save
Unlimited free use
Recurring saves
25p per save
Unlimited free use
Platform fees*
Access to all our investment funds
Index Tracker Funds
(excluding MSCI World ETF)
Ready Made Funds
Actively Managed Funds
Bonds/Money Market Funds
Thematic Funds

Opening a Chip account takes just a few minutes. No forms, no fuss.

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4.6 rating 26k reviews

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