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Alternative Assets

Invest in real assets

Seek bigger returns by investing in real assets such as classic cars, whisky and fine art.

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Investment funds

Invest in funds

Invest in actively-managed funds from the world's biggest investment firms.

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Savings Accounts

Cash savings

Competitive rates of interest, paid daily. Withdraw anytime.

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FSCS Eligible

All money you deposit is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Bank-grade encryption

Your data is protected by 256+ bit encryption (that's the same as your bank).

Award winning customer service

Our customer support is available Monday-Friday 8am-8pm.

Wealth management, automatically.

Use our clever tech to effortlessly set up recurring deposits. Top up your portfolio with smart monthly auto-investing, or take it to the next level with AI-powered investing.

Invest without lifting a finger.

Use our award-winning tech to invest automatically, based on your disposable income.

Save into market leading accounts.

We partner with banks and negotiate on your behalf to bring amazing rates into the app.

With investing your capital is at risk.

We’ll help you seek to build your long term wealth.

Forget the latest crypto dog coin, or the hot new stock on Reddit. You simply don’t have time. Invest for the long term in everything from Ferraris to funds and let Chip do the work. Alternative Assets does not fall under P1 Investment Management Limited's authorisation by the FCA.

Join the waitlist for Europe’s first Alternative Asset platform, where you can invest in assets like classic cars, art, watches and wine.

Put your savings to work with some of the world's largest asset managers, like BlackRock.

We're community powered.

We powered by a community of more than 25,000 ordinary people, who've invested in us and believe in our mission of building the best savings account in the world.


Join the club.

A Chip membership means you’ll always be able to invest effortlessly - no forms, no fuss.

Please note we're updating our pricing plans effective 12 October 2022. Read the details here.

Basic plan
What you get with a FREE standard Chip membership:
FSCS-eligible savings accounts
Deposit between £1 and £85,000 in any of our savings accounts.
Amazing rates brought to you
We’re always negotiating with banks to bring you even better rates.
Interest paid every single day
It compounds too!
Withdraw any time
Our Easy-Access accounts have unlimited penalty-free withdrawals.
Automatically build your savings
Our award-winning auto-saving technology can put aside money for you. The average Chip user saved an extra £3,000 in 2021.
Savings goals
Keep track and stay motivated as you build your savings.
Put your money to work with investments (GIA only)
Open a General Investment Account (GIA) and start seeking inflation busting returns. An annual platform fee of 0.5% (min. £1 per month) applies on invested money.
Basic investment funds
Highly diversified funds from the biggest asset manager in the world, BlackRock, as well as well-known index funds (FTSE 100 and S&P 500 Tech Fund). Fund manager charges apply (see these in app).
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ChipX plan
What you get with a ChipX membership:
Everything from the basic plan
All our investment funds
Our full range of investment funds managed by some of the biggest names in the business.
Stocks & Shares ISA
Tax-efficient returns from your investments (tax treatment depends on individual circumstances).
Ethical  and Clean Energy funds
Put your money to work and save the world.
Emerging Markets fund
Invest in companies in some of the fastest developing nations in the world.
Innovative new funds
We’re adding new investment funds and products to Chip all the time. Like our new Crypto Companies fund.
Lower investment platform fee
There’s just a 0.25% annual platform fee for investing. One of the lowest in our industry.
Access to all our Alternative Assets
Invest in real rare and unique objects, like cars, whisky, watches, wine and art (transaction fees may apply).
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Our mission is to build wealth for our generation.

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