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Chip is the free app that builds your savings automatically and fights to bring you amazing rates. Join more than 400,000 people, download Chip today.

Amazing rates. Withdraw anytime. Easy.

Earn bigger

Better rates, seek bigger returns.

The average easy-access savings rate in the UK is less than 0.1%, we think you deserve better.

With investing, your capital is at risk.

Save smarter

Save more money, automatically.

Use our clever tech to effortlessly turn your beer money into holiday money, and your holiday money into something life changing. The average Chip saver automatically saves around £3,000 a year. Without. Doing. A. Thing.

We’re trusted by over 400,000+ people.

And this number is growing fast! Join us today - ask your friends - they might even give you a sign-up bonus.

Save safer

Safety comes as standard.

Your savings should make you feel safe. So we cut no corners and take no chances.

FSCS eligible

All money you deposit is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

The biggest names in investing.

Put your savings to work with some of the world's largest asset managers, like BlackRock.

UK authorised banks.

All our savings accounts are powered by UK authorised banks.

Award winning customer support.

Our customer support is on hand 7 days a week.

Bank-grade encryption.

Your data is protected by 256+ bit encryption (that's the same as your bank).

Read all about us.

You can find us in all the best papers and we’ve won more than a few awards.


We’re community powered.

We powered by a community of more than 17,000 ordinary people, who've invested in us and believe in our mission of building the best savings account in the world.

Our memberships

Join the club.

Chip is more than just a savings account.

A Chip membership means you'll always get amazing savings rates, or be able to effortlessly invest your money, all with no forms and no fuss.

Here's the best bit; a standard Chip membership is FREE.

Or you can take your savings to the next level with a ChipX membership (£3 every 28 days) whenever you like.

See our pricing page for more details.



The basic membership plan, no frills, no fuss, no fee.

What’s included...
There’s no autosaving or investment funds, but you can deposit £85,000 into our market-beating savings accounts.


/28 days

Our standard membership plan. Designed to automatically build up your savings.

Perfect if you’re starting out, or have some savings already.

Everything in basic and...
Unlimited access to  autosaving.
Deposit up to £85,000 into market-beating savings accounts.
Deposit an unlimited amount into our 3 core investment funds, with a 0.75% annual platform fee.


/28 days

Our full membership plan. Designed to take your savings to the next level and give you opportunities to seek returns.

Ideal if you have savings already, or want to get serious about your money.

Everything in ChipAI and...
Full access to our investment platform and unlimited access to all our investment funds, with a lower annual platform fee of 0.25%.